Yggdrasil and AvatarUX release WildPops

Yggdrasil and AvatarUX release WildPops

Yggdrasil’s YG Masters studio, in partnership with AvatarUX, has recently released WildPops, a new casino slot game that features a new win mechanic.  

Though Yggdrasil is one of the leading developers and aggregators in the online gambling industry, AvatarUX is still new to the industry.  Though new, AvatarUX has already launched two successful games through Yggdrasil’s YG Masters studio, namely PopRocks and Lilith’s Inferno.  The company is one of the original partner studios of the YG Master studio which allows independent studio partners to develop content on the platform in partnership with Yggdrasil.  As it stands, WildPops is the 3rd game that AvatarUX has released under the partnership studio. 

The slot uses the new PopWins mechanic.  This mechanic works by replacing / ‘pops’’ winning symbols with two new symbols, allowing the game to expand further and further.  A multiplier is then added every 7th pop, cascading player wins on a single spin.  The game offers players higher prizes if the pops don’t cease and the reel grid continues growing.   The game also adds a mechanic where if players hit 3 wins in a row, 2 random wilds are triggered, leading to even more pops.   What’s good is this doesn’t stop and keeps repeating every 3 wins. 

Also, even more chances of winning is possible as the game has a bonus round, activated once the reels expand 7 columns high.  Once activated, 3 additional lives are awarded to the player.   Another feature is that If the player previously encountered a non-winning screen, the multiplier would end. But in this game bonus, a life is consumed and a re-spin is then awarded to the player, all while the multiplier is still in effect throughout the duration of the reel spin. 

The slot is a pay both ways slot meaning that it is a feature that will help players remove a lot of frustration when it comes to playing and hitting the symbols that will net them massive wins.  Though coming off as complicated, the mechanics are pretty straightforward as the game mechanic is identical to a classic slot game.  Players don’t have to anything to take advantage of the feature.   Each time a player spins the wheel, they win as normal as the winning combinations across pay lines activate whether from left to right or right to left, making wins and payouts possible either way as long as the symbols are still in consecutive order to count as a win.  

Yggdrasil’s head of partner strategy and sourcing, Stuart McCarthy has mentioned that WildPops is a fun-filled addition to the company’s slot offerings and that the new game will certainly appeal to a wide player base.  He also added that Yggdrasil’s YG Masters studio will continue to push the boundaries of innovation and that their partner, AvatarUX is no different as its game features fascinating graphics and the thrilling PopWins mechanic which has proven to be popular with its player base. 

Marcus Honney, managing director of AvatarUX, also added that WildPops contains all the thrilling excitement for their feature mechanic as any spin can get the popping started, giving players a thrilling experience.  He further added that AvatarUX’s partnership with Yggdrasil continues to go from strength to strength and that they look forward to growing it for many years.