Why do People Gamble - Slots and Tables

Why Do People Gamble?

The simple answer to this question would be money. People gamble because it gives them a chance to win more money than they put in.

In general, money won at the casino or bookies is considered to be easy money. You go in with as much money as you are prepared to risk, play the games, place some strategic bets and come out with a profit, big or small, it doesn’t matter, it’s still easy money. But it’s not always as simple as it seems.

Being a passionate gambler myself I know this best. Based on my experience and similar ones from a number of fellow gamblers I know that there are at least several answers to the question on why do people gamble.

Let’s see what they are and the reasons for each one. 

Winning money

why people gamble

Like I said before the main reason why people gamble is to win money. You have to understand that every casino game is designed in such a way that the house has a certain edge. So most of the time the house will win. The same is true with sports betting, the odds are designed so the majority lose which means the house gets to keep a small margin for itself.

But there are periods when you can beat the house short term and make a profit. For me real gamblers are the ones which play for pure profit. What does this mean?

Basically this means to play with no emotions about the games whatsoever and not get caught up in the excitement which gambling brings. This is nearly impossible to do and every cool headed gambler has slipped at least once in his intentions. So, can it be done?

Yes, gambling purely to make a profit can be done, but like I said it takes a lot of control. The main thing here is to set limits and targets. It doesn’t really matter which games you play. Statistically table games offer the best odds on winning as they come with the lowest house edge. But the same goal can be achieved while playing slots, even though they have the highest house edge. 

Before you start playing you need to set weekly limits on how much you are going to invest and at which point you will withdraw. A close friend of mine is an absolute master in this. His strategy is to play slots at 4 different casinos with $250 in deposits, playing on $4 bets. He targets medium to high variance slots and withdraws at $1k.

After playing, regardless if he wins or not, he sets a block at those casinos for 3 months and moves on to other 4. The results he gets are amazing and he ends up in profit because he doesn’t return and play at the same casinos for some time. 

Adrenaline addicts

When people first start gambling it’s all about winning money. But very soon the allure of playing the games and winning keeps you coming back for more. You simply become hooked on the high you get when a big win lights up your screen.

When this starts to happen you are already in the advanced stage of gambling. Truth be told I’m one of those people who gamble simply because we love the entire process. The excitement starts long before you hit the spin button or you place the bet on the table.

It’s the entire process which gets your juices going. Planning when you’re going to gamble, how much money you’re gonna deposit, whether you will claim a bonus or not. 

By the time you actually start playing the games you are already in a state of trans, focused on the screen in front of you. The ultimate high for this type of gamblers is when the session goes exactly as you planned it.

You start playing the games, they start paying out and you watch your balance rise. It’s a feeling like no other, more powerful than anything else I’ve experienced. For many of these players the problem is when to stop.

While you’re ahead you want to win as much as possible. But at this point it’s not even about the money anymore. You just want to play for as long as possible and every little win feeds the gambling high. 

This type of gambling is borderline problem gambling. Once you get addicted to the high of winning you keep on playing, many times all the way down to 0 even if you were ahead a few thousand dollars.

Usually sessions which end up like this are followed by remorse and a feeling of withdrawal since you can’t play again for some time. 

Social interaction

People who gamble just for social interaction are considered to be light gamblers. They don’t really care about winning or losing and don’t get too excited when playing the games. For them it’s just a way to go out with their friends and hang out while having something to do and more importantly, something to talk about.

This puts gambling into second perspective, while the main one is simply social interaction with your friends. 

The conversations that can spark up whilst betting on horses or the dog for example, is endless. If you think you’ll run out of conversation having a drink with friends, try having a drink with friends whilst on an night out at a dog track, believe me it’s so much more fun!

Show offs


Show offs at the casinos are simply people who gamble in order to prove that they can lose a lot of money simply because they can afford it. This type of gambling comes with a strong dose of machismo, throwing money on the table and playing without any clear strategy in mind.

Gamblers like this are usually loathed by other players because they come to the casino to rub their deep pockets into everyone’s face. But for the casino these types of players are more than welcome since they always end up losing a big amount of money on the tables. 


As you can see there are different reasons on to why people gamble at the casinos and bookies, whether it’s online or not. In the end it doesn’t really matter why you’re gambling as long as you’re having fun.

You have to remember that gambling is considered to be paid entertainment. You pay to play the games and be entertained. The fact that you can win a lot of money while doing that is just a bonus feature.

As long as gambling is fun for you there’s no risk of developing addiction and potentially running into problems.