Free Online Slots: Where To Play

All die-hard fans of slots have to start somewhere. For some of us, playing the free versions is just what we like. Many websites will offer us access to free online slots, but not all are worth your while. The reasons for this are many – security concerns come high up on our list. We will provide you with a very detailed guide on where to find the best slot games for free without having to put up with flash ads and other unseemly practices.

Play Free Online Slots At The Source

When debating where to play free slot games, you should keep one thing in mind. All slot games are available free of charge today. No game maker will ever ask a single penny from you to allow you to play. Speaking of the game makers, this is the best place where you can actually experience the games. Free online slots are best played directly at their game makers’ websites.

Free Online Slots: Where To Play
A selection of free slot games from Microgaming

There are multiple reasons why you would want to first play at the manufacturer’s website. The website is completely safe. This means that the chances of malware lurking around are close to zero.  You will be able to filter the games much quicker than you would on any website that offers slot games.

Besides, you can quickly get important information, such as the date of the publishing, the precise RTPs and any bonus features, symbols and so forth. Apart from this, you also get to play in a far more visually-appealing environment.

We have tested several websites that offer lots of slot games by different operators but they were clunky, slow, and somewhat visually confusing. Conversely, choosing to stick with the developer’s website makes matters immensely easier.

Play Free Online Slots Directly at the Casino

You can access free online slots right at your casino of choice. Some of the best British brands, such as 888 and Betway, will allow you access to their entire portfolio. All you need to do is register and confirm your identity.

Since April 2019 the UK Gambling Commission has been requesting more scrutiny insofar as player identity is concerned. This is a part of a broader move to improve security for all customers. Until 2019, it was possible to play the free versions either without doing the verification checks at a casino or even registering.

However, this is now changing amid the latest push for better security when it comes to online gaming in the United Kingdom.

Real Money vs Free Online Slots

Comparing the real money versus the free online slots will definitely come with its temptations. You won’t take long to decide that the freebies are in fact a much safer option. On the other hand, investing some money into your gaming sessions could arguably give you better satisfaction, especially if you win.

However, you need to remind yourself that real money play won’t make you rich. Yes, there are great games to explore and the jackpots can reach millions in payouts, for example, but you need to keep things in perspective.

Free Online Slots: Where To Play
Example of a real money slot jackpot

The fact is that you will have to probably spend hundreds of thousands worth of pounds to even get a chance to access the bonus levels that land you the jackpots. By reminding yourself of the facts, you will certainly see the appeal of these games.

This is not to say that real money slots are not worth it – quite the contrary. Assign yourself a budget – this could be £10 or it could be £10,000, and play through as long as you can afford. However, even if you are a real money slots fan, you can still experience some of the games in demo mode before you put the hard currency on them, and that’s always useful.

Benefits of Playing Free Online Slots

Throughout, we have mentioned the advantages of opting for the free online slots. You can find slots to play by checking the no deposit bonus offers that are available.  Now we want to shed more light on why the choice of these games can be better in certain circumstances. Let’s take it from the top:

  1. Free slots allow you to find all about the winning combinations
  2. By playing the slots, you don’t have to risk your bankroll
  3. Free games are the full versions of the slot games, only played with mock currency

We often want to game, but there is no need to actually commit our own money. Instead, we can tinker with the demo versions before we are absolutely sure that a slot game we like is absolutely worth spending money on.

Of course, you always have to be realistic and not expect that a single session can determine how the actual real money action will unfold. The truth is that all slots are entirely dependent on luck.

Free Online Slots for Your Mobile

Free online slots, as we have agreed, are just like any regular game. This means that you will want to play them from your smartphone instead of having to sit down in front of a computer. The upside of these games is that they consume very little broadband, run smoothly on iOS and Android and generally are loads of fun. Why? Because they are the same games that you would play with real currency – simple as that.

A Final Thought on the Free Games

If free online slots are really something that you have been wondering about, now you have all the evidence in the world to proceed and enjoy yourself a free treat. With all the features available in the actual money versions, free games definitely come way on top of the wish list of new and experienced players.

Rookies get a chance to experience the game with none of the risk and veterans can wind down with a free session. These games hold something for everyone. Remember to only play in reputable casino and game developers’ websites to guarantee yourself the safety of your account and identifiable information.