How do I work out the wagering requirements?

How do Wagering Requirements Work?

Wagering requirements are extremely important to understand in the context of online casino bonuses. You see, casino bonuses are the most searched term in the online gambling industry, however, how many people fully understand what they are getting from the awarded bonus they choose? We predict less than 10% of the average player.

The benefits to a casino bonus are great, however, with such benefits, it is vital to learn the complete ins and outs to them. This will ensure you get the most out of the various different rewards on offer, and are not lead on or tricked into false advertising of such benefits, ensuring a more enjoyable and definitely a less frustrating gambling experience.

Ever seen a casino bonus with 5x, 20x or 40x attached to the end? Well we’re about to explain what all that means.

At Slots and Tables, we want you to have the most positive gambling experience possible (win or lose), and so have written up this informative guide to help you better understand what is meant by wagering requirements.

What is a Wagering Requirements?

A wagering requirement is a method used by online casinos to stop you cashing in the bonus you were given. It’s purely done so that players do not simply sign up to get the bonus on offer and immediately walk away with the casino’s money.  Bonuses are fundamental tools used by casinos to incentivise new players to join their casino site and of course retain existing ones.

So it’s a barrier to accessing the bonus money. If you want to go through the barrier you have to meet the requirements which evolves betting (or wagering) your way through it. You do this by gambling enough money to satisfy the wagering requirement of the particular bonus you have chosen. Then, and only then can you withdraw the bonus funds.

We’ll get into specific examples now believe the devil is in the detail.

Working out the Wagering Requirements

What Are Wagering Requirements? - Slots and Tables

Now that the definition of a wagering requirement was been established, we need to work out the amount of money you need to gamble to meet these requirements in order to win the bonus money and cash it in.

Example 1

Imagine an online casino is offering a 200% welcome bonus with 20x. So you deposit £20 and get £40 extra in bonus funds. This is how you would work out the amount that must be played in order to meet the 20x wagering requirement.

£20 (deposit money) =  £40 bonus x 20 = £800

In this example, you would have to wager £800 before being allowed to make a cash withdrawal of that £40 you were given free by the casino as an incentive to sign up.

Example 2

This is going to be a similar but we wanted to highlight one specific addition you might see when claiming a bonus, the all ‘+ deposit’. So using the same bonus 200% welcome bonus but with 20x + deposit, meaning the calculation would look like this.

£20 (deposit money) + £40 (casino bonus offer) = £60 now multiply by the 20x = £1200

So you see how the small print can make a big difference to the amount you need to wager.

So now you know it is always important to calculate the wagering requirements before signing up to an online casino and taking a bonus offer up. Read the terms and conditions so you chose the most favourable waging requirement.

How do I find the Wagering Requirements?

To pick the best bonuses, players must therefore find out the specifics of an offer’s wagering requirements. These can be found in multiple different places within a casino’s site detailing a particular bonus, the main sources for such being as follows:

  • Advertisement
  • Terms and conditions
  • Customer support

We always show you what the wagering requirements are for every casino offer we supply. Simply hover (or click if on mobile) on the Terms and Conditions of any casino bonus you see and read through the details to find the wagering information.


With there now being numerous regulations and laws that have made bonus wagering requirements overtly visible for players, you can find them displayed in the advertisements of such offers and rewards. If not directly stated in such advertisements, the specifics to such wagering regulations can also be found on pages of the casino site linked to the advertisement that provides further details of such offers.

Terms and Conditions

If the wagering requirements for a specific bonus are not displayed in its main advertisement and information pages, online casinos also have a legal responsibility to provide the wagering requirements clearly in a bonus’s terms and conditions. Therefore, with all reputable and legal online casinos, you should always find the specifics to such requirements here.

Knowing where to find these requirements will not only help players in their evaluation of particular bonuses and offers, but also in knowing whether a casino site is in keeping with online gambling legalities. This further helps to filter out sites that are not following such regulations and are therefore less trustworthy, safeguarding a player’s online gambling experience.

Customer Support

If you are still unsure or confused about the wagering requirements detailed in either the advertisements or terms and conditions for a bonus, speaking to someone from the casino’s customer support centre can help to clarify any confusion, and help to understand a particular requirement.

To start your hunt for the best offers out there, why not look through our best bonuses section.