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Tips To Win Real Money When You Play Slots Online

When you play slots online you are in for a super fun way to win real money.  They offer a thousand possible ways to win actual money and cash out your winnings, but to be successful you will need to know how to max out your potential profit while reducing the risk. There are ways to play slots online and win real money and we are here to provide you with a quick breakdown of the seven golden rules of online gaming that will fetch you a tidy profit.

1. Play Online Slots With Higher Return To Player Percentages

This one is easy to figure out. Do what you will, playing with the highest paying slots online will win you real money is a must. Some of the best paying titles include Goblin’s Cave and Blood Suckers. Both games post the whopping 98%, which puts them way up on your list of titles to test out.


With Blood Suckers, you can guarantee yourself some pretty decent payouts. A £0.25 stake would fetch you a total win of 500 coins, which is pretty decent. Playing with nominal bets is definitely worth it if you are looking to play over an extended period of time without tanking your bankroll.

Even better than playing the highest paying online slots, we have discovered a handful of play-tested practices ourselves to help us max out the overall winnings.

2. Play Titles That “Guarantee Profit”

Our experts have loads of experience testing tons of titles and we can guarantee you that each session will end up by adding you some profit. Well, in the majority of cases. Once again luck is important here, but we believe to have discovered a fairly fool-proofed formula to success. Our personal favourites in 2019 are Dragon Shard by Stormcraft and Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt.

Of the two the Jack and the Beanstalk seems to offer more opportunities to win. In 25 spins, we managed to trigger the bonus level once, which won us back £15 in net winnings at a minimum stake of £0.20.

The session before that, we played and got lucky to chain-trigger wilds, allowing us to play as many as 5+ spins at a time without sacrificing a single penny beyond the original £0.20 stake, while keep adding spin after spin. We won £10 getting lucky like that.


Dragon Shard, on the other hand, is slightly less innovative when it comes to special features. The game has a particularly lucrative bonus level that guarantees you 10 free spins (some extra spins might occur during the free levels).

We triggered one level after 7, 10 and 22 spins when playing Dragon Shard ourselves. On all three occasions, we managed to at least break even, so Dragon Shard is always a good idea to play with tested titles.

3. Use the Free Play Mode to Study the Games

It all boils down to luck, and that is true, but if you play slots online and want to win real money, you will need to do your due diligence. Thankfully, you will never need to spend a single dime unless you really want to. This is where the “Play Mode” comes in.

You can study up different payouts and how they work in practice. While some people advise not to chase your losses, we personally would readily spend £20 on £0.20 priced spins to try and break-even or in the very least win something extra.

4. Manage Your Bankroll

Most of the good advice that anyone can give you about the slots titles is to manage your bankroll well. Our own strategy includes a session that fetches us a profit and we then move onto another title we like. Once we break even or win in the second game, we either come back to the first and move forth.


This is a bit superstitious of course, and there is no evidence to suggest that restarting your session would actually bring you a profit. However, in our experience, taking a break after securing a £10 or £15 victory off minimum bets gameplay is always the smart thing to do.

5. Choose Low-Volatility Games First

We always advise readers to pick games with low volatility. By playing these slots online you can win real money more often than with medium/high games. What is volatility though?

It’s basically how often a game will pay you. Conversely, low volatility slots don’t mean you won’t get paid so often – quite the opposite, you will get small amounts of your money back and keep your bankroll healthy until you land a big victory.

Best Low Volatility Online Slots
Bloodsuckers 298.00%NetEnt
Foxin’ Wins95.60%NextGen
Spiñata Grande96.84%NetEnt
Mermaids Millions96.56%Microgaming.

Whether you are a budget player or a high-roller, you can certainly start building your bankroll by sticking to the titles that our experts have play-tested for you.

6. Don’t Chase Your Losses

There is a fine line between chasing your losses and waiting for the statistical probability of hitting back a big win and restoring part of your bankroll. Unfortunately, there is no way of telling when this “statistical” payout would occur. It helps to experiment in play mode several times over the same number of spins, but once again, there are no sure-fire ways of ensuring that. Go with the flow and play smart.

7. Set Aside a Budget

You can set a budget to help yourself always be on top of your gaming sessions. The budget would be strictly individual to the players, of course, based on what their means are. Yet, exceeding £100 a day spent, for example, could be unwise. In the UK, the average a person spends on gambling is around £50 a month, which is not too bad and it’s a good overall indicator of what you might strive towards. You can manage this by playing on slots that have no deposit offers.

Playing slots online for real money has never been easier, and as it turns out – the chance to turn an actual profit isn’t too slim any more. With a bit of luck and by observing which games pay best, you can make sure that your gaming sessions bring you a fair bit of profit!