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Most Popular Themed Slots 2020

Slots are the most popular games you can come across at online casinos. A single operator can have thousands of slots in their offer, so sometimes it can be hard to decide which game to play. This is where themed slots come into play. You have surely played a slot at least once based on the theme it uses. In this article, we will cover the most popular themed slots in 2020 and explain in detail what these games are about. 

Themed slots explained

There are many types of slots.  Themed slots are games which follow a certain theme. Why do the providers create theme slots you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Every player has their own preference when it comes to themes. Some players prefer to play fruit slots, others go for fantasy themes, while some like to play Ancient Egypt slots. Usually, this has to do with superstition and many players believe that certain themed slots are luckier for them than others. So when you visit a casino and don’t know which game to play, you can easily decide based on your favourite theme.  

Most popular themed slots 2020

Pretty much all the best online slots follow a certain theme. But the difference is that on some slots the theme is clearly stated, so you can easily put them in a single category. Let’s take a look at the most popular themed slots 2020, based on player’s preferences. 

1. Fantasy Themed Slots

Fantasy Slots - Slots and Tables


Fantasy slots are quite popular across online casinos. Some providers focus on fairy tales and create visually stunning slots. These games appeal to players of all ages as they are based on popular fairy tales. But recently there’s been an increase in fantasy slots which also follow anime themes. These slots are aimed at the younger generation of players and are easily picked out at the casinos. 

2. Movie slots

Movie slots come with a powerful theme which is widely recognised by players. Usually most movie slots fall into the category of branded games, if they are inspired by a specific movie. You can easily find these games at the casino, especially if you’re a fan of the movie they are based on. 

3. Horror slots

Horror-themed slots are one of the most popular themed slots 2020 has to offer. They are a direct result of many horror movies, legends and tales. They’re very fun to play, especially if the provider did a good job with the sound and visual effects. Some games have a very strong dose of horror attached and can send a chill down your spine if you’re playing with the lights off. 

4. Ancient Egypt slots

Ancient Egypt slots have always been popular across online casinos. Primarily most slots with this theme are focused on Cleopatra or other pharaohs from Ancient Egypt. This theme was resurrected recently with the release of Book of Dead. This slot quickly became one of the most popular Play’n Go titles across online casinos. 

5. Irish folklore Slots

Irish Slots - Slots and Tables

Irish folklore themed slots have always been popular across online casinos. For many players these games are marked as lucky slots, hoping that some of the luck of the Irish will rub onto them. They are easily recognised thanks to their dominant green colour, leprechauns, pots of gold, clovers and rainbows. This theme is heavily targeted by providers, so you can easily find an Irish themed slot at pretty much every online casino. 

Difference between themed and branded slots

Branded slots are considered to be the ultimate themed slots in the industry. They follow a specific theme which can be based on a blockbuster movie, a popular TV show or a celebrity. What makes these slots unique is that they appeal to a broad audience. Many providers sign agreements with movie studios in order to get the rights to create a branded slot based on a blockbuster movie. These agreements are usually costly, but the provider can make a big profit in the long run, since many players will try the game.

For example, one of the oldest branded slots from Microgaming is Terminator 2. But this game is also one of the most popular 243 ways to win slots from their portfolio, which attracts a big number of players. So you can easily see how a popular themed slot can be profitable for the provider in the long run. 

Finding your favourite themed slots at the casino

Finding the most popular themed slots in 2020 at the casino can be a bit hard. Usually players need to scroll through the slots collection and pick out the themed slots which appeal to them the most. But some casinos use advanced filters to their slots offer to make it easy for players to filter entire categories. So if the casino has a themes filter you can easily pick the theme you like and all slots in that category will be displayed. For branded slots or popular themes, you can also enter the name of the theme in the search field and all games with that theme will be displayed.

Best themed slots to play at the casino

Before you start playing slots purely based on the theme, you have to take several factors into consideration. A certain theme may be lucky for you, but you still need to see what the slot in question has to offer before you decide to invest money in it. There’s no simple answer to what the best-themed slots are. You have to see what the paytable has to offer in terms of payouts and see what kind of wins you can expect to land on the screen. 

It’s also important to go for themed slots which have an attractive bonus feature. If the themed slot has a bonus round with good features, you have a better chance of hitting big payouts on slots. In addition, take a look at the slot variance and the RTP value. This way you can plan your gameplay according to your bankroll and maximise your chances in making a real money withdrawal at the casino. If all else fails, just try some of the most popular themed slots 2020.