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The Tech Responsible For Keeping Online Casinos Running Smoothly

Without a doubt online casinos have taken gambling to a whole new level. Now all you need is a computer or a smartphone with a stable internet connection and you can play every casino game in the world.

Some operators which take their business very seriously provide players with everything they need, so there is virtually no need to look for a new slot site to play at. But have you ever wondered how casinos work and what exactly is the technology used to make them run smooth? 

Casino Platform

Everything about the casino starts with the platform. This is the site you see in front of you when you enter the casino website. But this is not just another site like most others on the internet. A casino platform is created by highly skilled designers. They take the time to make sure that navigation across the site is extremely easy and that it runs fast, without any glitches. No gambler wants to play at a casino where it takes ages for the page to load. 

Many operators decide to go with the so called “White Label” option. This is basically a company which delivers a ready to use product. They create the casino platform, integrate the casino games, set up the payment providers and take care of the marketing and customer support. The reason why the White Label option is convenient is simply the fact that operators save on time and cost for setting everything up. Many of these companies offer a custom online casino platform ready to use within 4 weeks. 

Casino games


You may have noticed that many online casinos offer the same casino games, coming from various software providers. What you need to know is that the games themselves aren’t supplied by the casino, but by the provider.

The software provider is a software house with highly skilled coders building casino games. These are massive companies and are extremely successful too as they license their games out to thousands of casinos. They are essentially a games warehouse in the same way EA sports builds the ever popular FIFA series. They also have their own infrastructure for hosting the games and they are willing to pay big bucks for this.

The entire process is set up this way in order to avoid any outside influence on the casino games by the operator. So when you start playing your favourite slot game you are in fact playing on the game server supplied by the provider, not at the casino itself. This way you can be sure that the outcomes on the reels are in no way influenced by the casino. 

Live Games


The live games at online casinos are very different from all other games. The technology is different as well. The games are also supplied by a third party provider but the content is now streamed in HD quality to your screen from a real live casino floor.

These games use multiple HD cameras, as well as a special software for communication with the dealer. The games themselves are operated by a game control unit. This allows for everything that is happening on the table to be recorded and transferred to the dealer. That way the dealer can interpret what is happening at all times and successfully communicate the results to the players. 

Payment providers

Payment providers are essential for every online casino. An operator needs to have a variety of providers in stock in order to satisfy the needs of all players. Gone are the days when players simply added their credit cards and started playing. Nowadays digital wallets such as PayPal are the norm, some players even want to deposit in Bitcoins and casinos don’t want to turn players away.

Problem arise when certain providers are only available in a limited number of countries. Casinos therefore need to look for alternatives in order to allow their players to easily make deposits and withdrawals. The payment providers are integrated on the casino website directly or via special modules. They allow the casino to quickly add or remove payment providers based on their current needs. 

Customer support

If you’ve ever played at an online casino you will have undoubtedly noticed the live chat icon. This is a special communications software which is basically an instant messenger. It allows you to connect to an operator and chat in real time.

All reputable operators in the industry have live chat support as part of their standard offering to all players. This allows then to instantly resolve any queries a player might have. The end result is a satisfied customer who can get back to playing their favourite casino games immediately.

A large number of casinos also integrate phone and email support as an additional measure to help their players. All of this technology is a third party add-on, only in rare circumstances would a casino build their own live chat support when the market is full of excellent software companies already providing them.

Data protection

Data protection is crucial for every online casino, both players and punters alike. When you deposit or withdraw funds from a casino you reveal sensitive financial details. The same thing happens with your personal details when you are required to verify your account.

So the casino security needs to be on a very high level in order to guarantee data protection at all times. This is why pretty much all online casinos use a 128 bit SSL Encryption protocol to safeguard your data. This is the same protocol used by banks and other financial institutions. So the chances of someone breaking through the casino security and stealing your data is equal to some breaking into your bank account. 

Ensuring game fairness

A big issue for many online players is the fairness of the games. Some people look at online casinos as pure scam, which is designed only to take your money. But in reality this is not the case. The casino itself needs to acquire a valid operating license which ensures that it runs a legit operation. At the same time the games provider also needs to have a valid operating license. The licensor ensures that everything about the casino is in order and that the games can’t be tampered in any way. 

Many operators take matters one step further by hiring an independent testing agency, like eCOGRA or TST. These agencies test the outcomes on the games each month. The results are then posted on the casino website or the casino is granted with a fairness certificate. This certificate guarantees that the outcomes on the casino games are fair and within the promoted parameters. The fairness certificate goes a long way when it comes to the credibility of the casino. Many players prefer to play only at operators where the games are proven to be fair and random.