Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots

In the world of online slots, no other genre pays out more per year than progressive slots do. With jackpots that range from a few hundred thousand to millions of pounds, these games are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite.

Some years will see a few dozen or so lucky devils turn at least $1 million in profit out of playing Mega Moolah, Break Da Bank, or Aztec’s Millions.

Progressive Slots - Slots and Tables

Of course, the actual number of people hitting the progressive jackpots is much higher. Potentially thousands of players are getting the big number wins. If in the past there were only a handful of progressive jackpot games, today their numbers have grown to dozens of valid titles.

Some will pay out more often, so their jackpot is slimmer, but still not a negligible sum, and you can often play the best paying online slots for at least £10,000 to £250,000, and well beyond that into the coveted millions territory.

Progressive Slots: What Are They?

Progressive slots are games that generate a very big amount of prize money based on the number of total stakes-placed on the game. Every time you place a wager, a percentage of that wager will be contributed towards the total prize pool.

Such games are usually very popular and this is why you will notice that the total prize money is growing constantly and in real-time. The game is also not limited to a single casino.

This means that a progressive jackpot game is usually available across dozens if not hundreds of casinos and players from across the entire network can win – regardless of which casino the winner is playing from.

With this, you are ready to dive into gameplay. Progressive jackpots are essentially like any other slot game, with the small addition of a multi-million jackpot always waiting to be won.

Jackpot Win Conditions: How to Win?

Every player who has ever ventured to enjoy a progressive jackpot game must have asked themselves the same question – how do I actually win the jackpot?

There are no pre-determined win conditions. Jackpots are granted at random and you can never know if your spin is going to pay off. The only common denominator seems to be a maximum stake bet. You will need to keep playing with the maximum allowable bet to trigger the jackpot or be paid out the jackpot directly.

Some games are more generous for such high-rolling endeavours, but others would require you to have a heftier bankroll altogether in order to even have a chance of ending your gaming session either with a newly-won jackpot or at least with positive funds overall.

Despite the high-risk play, the chase for the jackpot is highly entertaining and as long as you stay on top of your gaming budget and don’t overspend, you will have a great chance to have some fun and potentially land a life-changing amount.

Progressive Jackpots Gameplay Like Any Other

Progressive jackpots are not just about sitting around and waiting for the big pile of money to drop from the sky.

Instead, you can enjoy quite the fulfilling gameplay. Most games come with bonus levels that are independent of the jackpot, and there are Scatter, Wild, and Special Symbols that will contribute to having a great time all by yourself.

Which Progressive Jackpot Games Should I Play?

There are multiple progressive jackpot slots that you will want to play these days. They have been mostly developed by Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech.

All three companies are proven experts in creating unrivalled in-game ambience and helping you feel the thrill of chasing the jackpots with your spine.  Here are several suggestions for excellent jackpot games developed by the aforementioned.

Jackpots by Microgaming

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah - Slots and Tables

If there is one undisputed king of all jackpots that’s Mega Moolah – plain and simple. With dozens of winners every year and the jackpots often surpassing £15 million in net worth, this Microgaming’s safari game is the world’s most-loved slot.

Major Millions

Major Millions - Slots and Tables

Another Microgaming progressive jackpot slot with a military theme. There is a Catch-22 vibe around it, but the outcome of your spins will often be more profitable than the misadventures of Heller’s Yossarian.

Major Millions pays out more often and the total jackpot seldom catches up to Mega Moolah’s own total prize, but that’s just all the more reason to play it, as the payouts will be more frequent.

Progressive Jackpots by NetEnt

Hall of Gods

NetEnt’s take on the progressive jackpot and mythology has yielded the Hall of Gods, a game with a steady payout that easily amasses a few million worth in jackpot money. As of the time of this review, the jackpot stood at over £2.5 million. The jackpot level here is slightly different and a little more risk heavy, but the payouts are still very seductive.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a great household slot game. The progressive jackpot averages £3.8 million which puts it way up there as one of the most profitable games in the history of the iGaming world. Besides, there are great maximum payouts that can occur during regular spins. All in all, Mega Fortune is as worthy a progressive jackpot title as any.

Progressive Slots by Playtech

Age of Gods

Age of Gods is another recognisable progressive jackpot slot game. You can adjust the paylines between 20 and 25 and the big money is triggered independently of the rest of the gameplay. Age of Gods is themed after a mythological pantheon of deities and the gameplay is accompanied by a lot of flashes and tunes to make the experience even more vivid.


Gladiator offers quicker payouts and the jackpots are handed over to the lucky player to unlock the Gladiator Bonus feature. The game is styled after the namesake movie that features the talent of Russell Crowe and it’s a lot of fun to see the characters of the movie show up on Playtech’s popular slot game.

Go for those Progressive Slots

Progressive jackpots are such fun to play. Though they are no different than regular online slots when it comes to their gameplay, the thought of being always on the cusp of winning a multi-million payout adds a completely different level of excitement to your gaming sessions.