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Our Days is Microgaming’s attempt to crack open an entertaining new universe that hasn’t been yet introduced to the average slot player. The world of Japanese manga and anime is unlocked and is featured in all of the best slot sites this year. Keen to find out why Our Days is one of the most innovative titles this year? Read on.

Our Days

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Our Days

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Look & Feel

In terms of visuals, Our Days is indeed what you would expect from a manga-themed game. The colours are soft and carefully picked. You will see school boys and girls on full display as the game’s symbols, beckoning to you modestly. Plus, each symbol is shaped differently. Some have flower arrangements whereas others come across as notes passed between school children.

The play menu is generally more stylish than what you are probably accustomed to seeing. Not surprisingly, and aligning itself with the story of “Our Days,” the background is a classroom basked in the warm colours of summer.


It’s worth noting that in the free spins bonus level, you will see a new background, with the cherry trees in blossom just outside a regular Japanese school. Microgaming have definitely struck home with manga fans. But even if you are not all so keen on this drawing style, you will certainly appreciate the graphics on their own merit.

Gameplay: Reels, Paylines, Bet Size

The game is actually pretty smart and Microgaming should definitely be given props for that. For instance, if you are just tinkering about and have decided to take a break, the time you come back to play, you will have your last screen as a loading up screen. This doesn’t mean that progress is saved and you can play right from where you left, but it’s still good to see that the game “remembers you”.

Speaking of the gameplay specifically, Our Days slot has an interesting grid that doesn’t have exact delineations. Rather, all symbols are afloat, although they are aligned with each other. The grid is a traditional 5×3, but the fact that the symbols are quite individualistic and beautiful will definitely catch your eye and ignite your desire to play.

So far as paylines are concerned, this is a traditional Microgaming slot through and through with 243 lines. The maximum bet size here varies between 0.30 and 1,800 coins, which is quite the gap, but it fortunately allows you to experience the game the way you would love to.


Bonus Levels and Special Symbols

You can win up to 90,000 coins per a single spin, which already puts you in good stead moving forward. Other than that, there is a lot to enjoy in the game. The free spins levels come in various options, 8, 10 and 12, and they are directly pegged to the number of scatters you get lined up on your reels, i.e. 3,4 or 5 respectively.

The game also adds a wild symbol, which will, of course, serve you well, helping you patch up those combinations that just need a gentle push to transform themselves into generous combinations with very solid payouts.

Our Days Slot RTP

The payouts are always what most players come after and there is no point in denying their importance. So, in the case of “Our Days,” you will get 96.3% which cuts above the industry average and is ultimately good news for anyone interested in playing and winning a good amount to their name.

Will “Our Days” make you rich? This is a good question. With a fairly good frequency of the payout, we cannot complain during our own playtests. We didn’t quite get in the thousands of won coins, but we did win nearly 100 coins on several occasions, which is always good because it would buy you quite a few spins to turn into even bigger winnings!

Our Days Slot Verdict

All things considered, Our Days slot is a real winner. The game stands out from the competitors by virtue of its pleasant graphics and distinct feel. You might not quite like manga, but you will most certainly love the style that has been adopted by Microgaming to interpret this title and bring it to you at your favourite casino out there!