Online Casino Table Games You Should Try

Online Casino Table Games You Should Try

Are you feeling lucky? That’s great because you will definitely want to combine your good fortune with the skill that goes into playing actual online casino table games. There are many reasons why the games you will find listed in this category are very much worth your time. Indeed there is more to online casino table games than meets the eye. 

Combine skill, luck, and excitement – try these online casino table games. 

Which Roulette Game Should I Try?

Roulette is one of the best online casino table games you can try. Why? Because it comes with an elegant design, easy-to-learn rules and great winning potential. There are many strategies out there and you can boil down your chances down to specific percentages and odds.

Of course, you will always want to know a few things about the game first. Basically, there are three main types of the game, including the European, American and French version. Our advice is to play the French version of online roulette. 

What’s the difference? Well, it comes down to the house edge. In French roulette, the house has about a 1.8% advantage if all winning conditions – including La Partage rule – are applied, which gives you a very decent shot at winning.  This is the best house edge roulette game so start with this as your odds of winning are going to be slightly better.

Online Casino Table Games The Roulette - Slots and Tables

Blackjack Classic has the Best Odds

There are players who have won $15 million overnight and were banned from casinos for being so good. Well, with the online version of Blackjack you might have a bit of trouble reiterating this feat, but you can still come very close.

Blackjack is a great game and one of the best online casino table games you will ever find. Yet to play it proficiently, you will have to learn a bit about the odds and when to split your hand, double down or play with what you have. 

At land-based casinos, you can always count cards, but when it comes down to playing at an online casino, you need to know what combinations of hands actually work. Therefore, your best winning strategy is a “cheat sheet” that will help you know what hands to play and what hands to just not invest more into.

Blackjack A Great Table Game - Slots and Tables

Have you Tried Baccarat?

Baccarat is another great online casino table game that you may want to explore in full. It’s again a French game originally and it just requires you to bet on two types of hands – the Banker and the Player. Yet, this Banker and Player bet don’t stand for anyone specifically. 

They are just two dominations of two possible bets that you can play. How things progress further is based pretty much on how you would play roulette – you just consider your odds and make your bets accordingly. The table limits will also play an important role in devising your strategy, so keep this in mind when you play. 

Baccarat - Slots and Tables

Craps is the Most Fun

Craps is one of the least played online casino table games, and there are a few reasons for that being the case. To begin with, Craps is far more complicated than its counterparts and you will need to manage your bets with a bit of intuition, but mostly knowledge. 

Craps is also a dice game – one of the few that can really give you some very neat payouts. The tables elaborated for the purposes of Craps, though, are very beautiful an absolute delight to play, so if you ever find yourself at an online casino where craps is available, we welcome you to explore it, as it holds some very good payouts. The dice for us makes it the most fun!

Usually, the payout is about 99.53% which beats any slot experience and the majority of video poker games, which are considered to be the best games to play if you want to turn a profit. 

Craps - Slots and Tables

Strategies to Shine at Online Casino Table Games

All table games can be boiled down to a strategy – this won’t necessarily help you, though, as these strategies are dependent on the table limit. Let’s give you an example. Simple Fibonacci consists of you always doubling your bet after a loss and just playing with a regular – usually minimal stake – otherwise.

So if you start at $1 and lose, then you would need to wager $2. If that’s a loss, you would have to wager $4 to only recuperate your money. When you are not losing, you will just want to put placing $1. 

There is another popular strategy, Martingale, which is a specific sequence of bets, but the issue there is that if you wager two bets in a row, you will never recuperate your original investment. As you can see, strategies are again a bit of a chance.

The biggest downside with these popular strategies is that casinos will most likely find out and they might restrict your bets – insofar as limits and opportunities to play on certain games go. By that time, though, you will have learned so much about table games, that you would be able to change operators easily, cashing out your bankroll in full.

Casino Table Games or Slots?

It’s always a toss-up, but it really depends on what you prefer. With table games, you will be very likely to maximize your winning potential whereas slots will make for more entertaining experience – or so it is claimed.

Personally, we find both types to be awesome, but if we had to choose, we would mostly stick to the tables. We love how skill can influence the outcome of a game and it feels good to be a winner.