New Slot Sites

New Slot Sites

The new slot sites listed here offer the latest slot games, innovative design and extra features that make them very sought after amongst players. There are exciting bonuses on offer as well as accommodating payment options to choose from.


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Why Play at New Slot Sites?

New slot sites have quite a bit to offer to fans. While established brands often get very comfortable with their portfolio, new entrants in iGaming try to change up the industry completely and set themselves apart from the already known online casino names.

New slot gaming websites often innovate on several crucial categories, including gaming portfolio, available bonuses, and of course the innovative cool features that you won’t find anywhere but are reserved for the best slot sites. From an easy way to access the new games via your smartphone to participating in new loyalty programs.

New Slot Sites Innovative Bonuses

Many players grow accustomed to the offers released by casino operators and struggle to find a juicy bonus, or the offers just lose their appeal as they don’t get updated often. This is one of the appeals of a new slot site coming onto the scene.

New slots sites will inevitable have to release a fantastic new bonus offer to ensure it draws the crowd in from the established sites. Players know this and the casinos know this so it tends to be a win-win for all.

kasu casino welcome bonus

What type of bonus you get from these new slot sites depends on which casino you are playing at. The general trend is a slightly more conservative approach, dispensing moderate amounts at a time in multiple deposit offers.

So, for example, let’s take Casimba’s £2000 welcome bonus. Instead of giving you the full £2000 welcome bonus up front you’ll get that amount in 3 deposits, with the first deposit bonus being something like 100% matched up to £500.

No doubt there will usually be free spins thrown in too, also most likely drip fed over a number of day, so something like an offer of 300 free will be given as 50 free spins per day for 6 days.

New casinos are very happy to offer you a wide range of bonuses to keep life interesting. The bonuses can be categorised into the following list. Although, from your point of view, don’t focus too much on what type of bonus you are being offer, just choose a bonus that suits your playing needs. So if you’re going to be a regular long term player, the loyalty and daily specials are going to be attractive to you.

New Slot Sites are Great on Mobile

At a time when every brand wants to introduce the most exciting products, there are no places for misfires. Forget about portfolios offering clunky products that wouldn’t work with some of your devices.

All new slot sites operators come with select titles that will play smoothly from any device that you have on your hands – be that iOS or Android. The choice remains entirely yours, which offers you some flexibility when you hope to cram in a quick session on your way back home or while away from your PC.

Mobile gaming is becoming far more intuitive, allowing you to immerse yourself in story lines that transcend the mind-numbing clicking of the “Spin” button. Thanks to the focus on mobile compatibility, it’s possible to experience all your favourite games on the go.

New Slot Games to Explore

New slot sites will only bring you the best selection of games that you can play. This means new features, bonuses and more. What these new features are will depend exclusively on the game developers, but in general, you can expect various new and eye-catching ways to add to your bankroll, such as:

  • Explosive Reels (a remake of NetEnt’s Avalanche Reels)
  • Second-screen games
  • FPS elements
  • Virtual Reality (NetEnt’s Jack and the Bean Stalk and Gonzo’s Quest)
  • More personal choice in deciding the outcome of each game

In some cases, you can even don your Oculus Rift and enjoy Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, but this is not necessarily a feature exclusive to new operators.

It is not necessarily only new slot sites that bring innovation, but they are usually the sites that will try to get something new out on the market. Don’t worry, with online slots growing by the day you will certainly have your pick of the litter.

Try playing one of these new slot games for free right here at Slot and Tables.

New Slot Sites Payment Methods

When you play at new slot sites, you’ll need to figure out what payment methods they accept so you can get started.  It will also depend on where you are based. For instance, in the UK, casinos are not allowed to accept credit cards as a payment method anymore, but you can still use a debit card or some of the new fancy digital methods:

    • Digital Wallets: The three most popular digital wallets for new slot sites remain PayPal, Neteller and Skrill. These are highly regarded due to their focus on security. The main disadvantage is that some digital wallets charge a percentage fee for every transaction they facilitate. 
    • Pay by phone bill:  In the UK, new slot sites allow you to put the cost of your deposit onto your mobile phone bill, effectively postponing when you actually have to deposit. It’s very simple to use and supported by all the main telecom providers. However the most popular channel to use for this payment method is Boku.  The reason paying by phone bill can be beneficial when joining a new slot site and making a deposit is that you don’t need to input any bank details except your phone number. However you should be aware that this method has some hefty fees (up to 15%) and can only be used to make small deposits up to £30. 

Cryptocurrency Payment Accepted

If privacy and speed of withdrawal is important to you, you might want to consider using cryptocurrencies. Using this payment method is not as hard to figure out as you might think, as many new slot sites are making it easy to pay in this way, with the most popular ones being.

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin

The flipside is that cryptocurrencies are highly unregulated, but our list of casinos have been chosen with this in mind, therefore we only list casino operators we trust.

Bitcoin Payment - Slots and Tables

New Slot Sites use the Latest Software

There are hundreds of software developers creating new slots all the time. They are all pushing each other game after game. The technology advancements have meant that players get to benefit from 

  • Amazing artwork and graphics
  • Innovative gameplay features
  • Custom bonus rounds and jackpots
  • New characters and themes
  • Crisp sounds and audio effects

Although new software providers are releasing some fantastic games it’s still some of the established software houses that can churn out several new slot titles a year. All running smoothly and thoroughly tested with no cliches due to their faultless release cycles.

These software companies are:

Licensed and Regulated Brands

At Slots and Tables we only list licensed and regulated casinos, so firstly you don’t have to worry about being stung signed up with a rogue operator or with a bonus that either doesn’t work or has been wrongly advertised.

Licensing is very important to protect both the casino and also the player. Making a large first deposit is risky and is the quickest way to lose a large sum of money. This is why the UK Gambling Commission has rules about casino bonuses and licensed casinos must comply. 

In fact the gambling commissions have many rules written in great detail, which would definitely bore everyone who isn’t interested in gambling law! But the important take away is that having that seal of approval, knowing that the new slot sites are regulated and adhere to all these rules means you only need to worry about getting lucky and winning, that’s it.

Not having to hesitate to deposit money in fear of your personal details getting stolen, nor having to worry about being paid out if you win. If anything were to go wrong, the casino in question can be reported to the commission and action will be taken. And believe us when we say, no casino wants that, no casino will risk their license being taken away resulting in going out of business.

New Slot Sites Loyalty Programs

One of the most exciting aspects of the available promotions at new slot sites is how the loyalty programmes have been completely re-imagined. In places like Genesis Casino, you will find a whole set of “Missions” that need to be completed.

Casumo has a completely different loyalty scheme that features different animated mascots and treats upon reaching certain pre-determined levels.

The Casumo adventure is an absolute blast and while the operator already has a few years of existence under its belt, it’s a perfect example of how brands appear out of nowhere and quickly become examples of defining casino experience.

There are many ways to participate in a casino’s loyalty program and with every new operator you crack open, you will find new and exciting ways to be a trusted and favourite customer.

Safety and Security of New Slots Sites

Just because an operator is new, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t made sure that your private information will be safeguarded against any third-party. SSL encryption and a proper license are all you need to make sure that the new slot sites operator is indeed taking your safety seriously. 

Want to verify the safety of the casino? Just check if they have the green padlock next to their name. Apart from this, you can verify the URL by making sure that it spells “HTTPS” as opposed to “HTTP”.

Other than that, you can rely on the reputation of the casino. True, with new operators it will be slightly more difficult to put your finger on reliable feedback, but bad operators are usually called out quickly and weeded out by the regulatory authorities and the slots community itself.