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New Slot Players: Getting Started with Bonuses

Joining new slots sites is great especially for new slot players as they can the best slot bonuses

New slot players get the most exciting bonuses when signing up to casinos. Signing up to a casino as a new player can boost your bankroll when playing online slots. Check out the best slots sites that offer great welcome bonuses:

New Slot Players Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos attract new slot players with sign up bonus offers that entice them to join.  Welcome bonuses are the very first bonus that a new customer will benefit from upon joining a casino.

It is in the casinos’ best interest to welcome their customers in the best way possible and what better way to do so than by offering them a bonus upon signing up?

This may be a one time offer for initial deposits. Some casinos extend their bonus for further deposits made by the new slot players. For instance, if a casino offers a first deposit bonus as its welcome gift, it will give the player extra money on top of the amount they deposited.

This bonus is basically added funds that new slot players can use to play online slots. The catch, however, is that players will need to meet wagering requirements before they will be able to withdraw their cash.

While some casinos like to gift their new customers with extra funds upon depositing, others prefer to keep it simple. They may offer free spins as a welcome bonus instead of free cash to play. Others, like Casimba, Dream Vegas and Spin Rider casinos may also decide to combine the two types of welcome bonuses by offering bonus money plus free spins. See their offers and our reviews right here:

Match Bonuses for New Slot Players

Casinos may also offer new slot players gifts in the form of special bonuses.  For instance, they can offer match bonuses to double or triple the new player’s deposit.

This is perhaps the most common type of new slots bonuses offered by online casinos. Match bonuses are usually offered to new customers with the aim of helping them increase their bankroll.

When players take advantage of this bonus, the casino will match the amount that the player deposits into their account.

100% Match Bonus Casino Example

A player deposits €/£100, then the casino will match their deposit by providing them with an equal amount to wager. Thus, the player will end up with €/£200 in their bankroll.

In this example, the match bonus offered is a 100% match bonus. Casinos can also offer variations of this type of bonus too.

This is highly beneficial for players and a safe bonus to offer from the casinos perspective. This is because the player needs to make a deposit first.

Keep in mind there are usually limits to these kinds of bonuses. Casinos obviously will not want to match someone who deposits large amounts, so they are usually capped to around €/£2000.

Should players be interested in the match bonus, they must be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions and to also be advised of the minimum deposit amount.

No Deposit Bonuses

Nowadays many online casinos offer no deposit bonuses to their new customers. This acts as an incentive to encourage new players to sign up and thus take advantage of this type of bonus. So what is a no deposit bonus?

It is exactly what it says it is: a bonus that is offered to new slot players without them having to deposit any funds into their account. This allows them to try the latest UK slots without having to use their own money.

This bonus usually comes in the form of free credit which allows players to use it on a variety of games. It can even be the case that a considerable amount of free spins is offered as a gift for signing up.

So, how can new players take advantage of this type of no deposit bonus?

  1. The first step is to create and confirm an account with the casino they are interested in
  2. Once they confirm their credit card, the deposit bonus automatically becomes available to them.
  3. Players check the bonus terms to see games they can wager on
  4.  Finally, they can make a wager using their money and boost it with the bonus
  5. Sit back and enjoy some fun time with great slots!

Also, should new players hit the jackpot whilst using this type of bonus, the casino may ask the player to firstly make a deposit using their own funds before they are able to withdraw their winnings.

Players should also keep in mind that it is vital to always read the terms and conditions before signing up with a no deposit bonus.

Refer a Friend Slots Bonuses

Refer a Friend - Slots and Tables

Many casinos make use of the Refer a friend bonus in order to not only attract new players to their casinos but also to show their customers just how much they mean to them by rewarding them with a bonus for doing so.

Refer a friend bonus is a great way for existing customers to earn money all while introducing their friends to their favourite casino. The casino will gift their existing customers who refer new customers by offering them a bonus, usually in the form of credit/cash.

The majority of online casinos do not have any limits on the number of friends that can be referred, yet others do set limits, of which there are two types.

Firstly, there’s the limit per month, meaning that each month, the player can refer friends to the casino. The total limit is the second restriction and this means that after the player has invited many friends, they can no longer reap the benefits of this particular bonus scheme.

As always, there are certain criteria that referred to new customers need to meet and they should also be aware of the terms and conditions before signing up.

New Players Hold The Cards! 

As we have seen throughout this article, new slots players get the most exciting bonuses when signing up to casinos. Learn how signing up to a casino as a new player can boost your bankroll so new casino players should check back regularly for best slots bonuses.

When getting started with bonuses, they ought to read all terms and conditions and consult the wagering requirements so they can gain the full benefits.

Ultimately there are several different types of welcome bonuses.  New slot players need to try and deposit at several casinos and get used to what they offer.