Lucky Salesman Wins 400,000 on Online Casino - Slots and Tables

Lucky Salesman Lands £400,000 in Big Wins

Lucky Salesman Wins - Slots and Tables

In a mind-blowing story first broken by The Sun newspaper in the UK,  for one lucky salesman it was truly the best of times in the worst of times, as Charles Dickens once wrote. Josh Spurling, a 26-year-old salesman, had the time of his life earlier this year, when he turned a simple slot wager into a massive £294,000 payout. What’s more, he added yet another £110,000 on online roulette. Now that’s what we call big wins!

With £400,000 in newly-minted funds, he has already put down £50,000 on a new home deposit, and £350,000 has been cleverly stowed away.

A jubilant Josh was quite happy to buy his daughters, aged eight and three, presents and book a nice family holiday for later this year when things do clear up a bit from the lockdown.

As Josh puts it, he has had his chance and what a chance it was! Luckily for other normal blokes out there, online casinos still have plenty of money to go around. As to Spurling himself, Lady Luck smiled on him as he was playing the popular online slot game Rainbow Riches on a new slots site, a very popular choice among new and experienced gamers alike.

A Boring Lockdown Turns into a Big Wins

A Boring Lockdown Turns into a Big Slots Win - Slots and Tables

How did it all come to pass through? Well, Josh had found the lockdown very boring – not that he minded the company of his loving wife and daughters. Yet, he thought he might try his luck at the online slots just to probe the proverbial waters of good and bad luck.

Thankfully for him, it was good luck he ended up with. When he first hit a slot payout of £294,000, he was incredulous of what had just happened. He thought – well, that’s enough, I will just call it quits now. But then again, was that all that Josh wanted?

Josh said – well, perhaps no, what with the lockdown still going on. So, he gave it another shot and turned another £110,000 payout on roulette. But, this time, Josh didn’t fall into temptation. If anyone has told you that third time’s the charm, you should definitely refer them to Josh.

Josh is a good example of how lucky a player can get playing at online casinos. But far more importantly, he’s a fantastic example of how someone who has been given an outstanding opportunity has not squandered it.

A loving father and family man, Josh has quickly done the right thing – he got the hint that fortune had sent him, quit gambling and used the money for good. Of course, if Josh hadn’t won, he would probably be playing even today – not too much, and just recreationally, but still looking for his chance to win a wee bit.