New Casino Slots: Keep What You Win

Up until recently, casino slots were the main source of income for casinos. Whether they were online or at brick-and-mortar venues, these games returned most of the revenue casinos posted in their quarterly reports. While things are still mostly the same, one thing has changed in a big way, and this has to do with how new online casino sites give you better opportunities to win bigger and more often. It’s not just about the casinos winning any more. You can have your own crack at the pot now.

Why Are New Casino Slots Better?

Developers have been focusing on boosting the player experience across several important verticals, including satisfaction, profitability, and engagement. Each of these matters a whole lot to the overall gaming experience, but how does it all translate into the real world and particularly when it comes to new casino slots?

Simple, you win more at the end of the day because this is the sure-fire way of retaining you in the long-term as a client. This arrangement works for both the casino you like to play with as well as yourself, as you will slash any potential losses and hew closer to 100% in terms of Return to Player Rate (RTP). Speaking of specific factors that will help you retain your winnings, these include:

  • Better differentiation between volatility
  • Clearly displayed payout rates
  • More casino bonuses & special features
  • A better number of overall paylines

Each of these components ensures that the customer is indeed king. The average payout has reached 96.00% for most new arrivals on the market.

In each game, there seems to be either a bonus or a special feature, and the volatility, which changes from one slot to the next, tends to be low or medium – meaning more frequent payouts. The number of paylines has also grown in recent years, which gives you even more opportunities to win. Here is what our own test of some of the best new casino slots revealed when we tested all the latest games we got our hands on:

Game NameDeveloperPayoutCasino
Book of IrishInspired96.20%Casimba
Dragon ShardStormcraft96.77%Spin Land
Riches of RaPlay’n Go96.06%Dream Vegas
NarcosNetEnt96.23%Spin Land
Beavis and ButtheadBlueprint Gaming95.49%Casimba
MahjongPlay’n Go96.00%Play Ojo

It’s not all about high payouts, but as you can see most new games try to maintain at least 96% in RTP with a few small exceptions. There have also been quite a few new arrivals in the world of casino software makers too, with names such as Stormcraft and Inspired.

Do You Win More from New Casino Slots?

While studios make sure that you collect a little more when it comes to the latest slots, you should be honest with yourself – slots all boil down to luck. It is thanks to the bonus features and additional paylines that the latest games will end up paying more than earlier versions, and not least because regulators, such as the UK Gambling Commission, are altering the industry standards to better accommodate gamers.

Building a strategy to help you manage your bankroll when playing new casino slots is not impossible though. You need to approach it with tact. Here are our five proven tips for growing your bankroll while playing the latest online slots:

  1. Set a budget at the beginning of each gaming session
  2. Make sure to wager no more than 2% of your total bankroll at an individual spin
  3. See if you can use bonuses to build your starter’s capital
  4. Manage your bankroll by staking an amount adjusted to your current W:L ratio
  5. Opt for the best paying titles and choose low-medium volatility games

By following these tips, you will make sure that your gaming sessions last longer and that your actual chances of winning a bigger prize are best. Some of the games we have had luck with include Hall of the Mountain King by Quickspin, Arcane Reel Chaos by NetEnt, and others.

What Is a Good Budget to Start Playing New Casino Slots?

There are no fixed rates. You can play with as little as £10 and if you spend them at a pace of £0.01 per spin, you will have plenty of spins to enjoy. A good fortnight budget can be £50, but this is entirely dependent on the players.

£50 is plenty to get you started, but if you want to spend more on your hobby, then you can go up to £100, £250 or even more. Anything that doesn’t cut too deep into your means is a great way to start.

You can also give yourself an additional leg-up by opting into free play, no deposit or free spins bonuses if they are available at your casino. Nothing is better than combining new and exciting gaming opportunities with the leeway provided by great bonuses.

Keep What You Win on New Mobile Slots 

You can always enjoy a quick gaming session while on the go, courtesy of HTML5 and Flash. Playing directly in your browser is now an option and the games you can access here are usually some of the latest slots. This by extension means that you will only play the games that have been developed to offer the industry’s highest payouts. Whether you play with a dedicated slot Android or iOS app, you can expect solid windfalls.


The new casino slots you will find at the top UK casinos are simply designed to be better across the board. Cooler graphics and more engaging gameplay paired with ultimately higher payouts are what makes titles such as Golden Kingdom, Legacy of Ra, and a myriad of other high-paying and slick-looking games stay fresh. You can also choose based on many different criteria today, including developers, features, payouts, volatility and more. Undecided on the theme you want to play? Simply run a search through the casino’s portfolio with the keyword you want to explore!