how to win at slots each time

Slot Games Mastery – How to Win Each Time

Since you are here, you definitely want to find the best slot games. One thing you love more than the game itself, though, is probably how to win each time you spin. This is inherently challenging but if understand how to play online slots you can make the best out of your slot games experience.

Understand How To Win at Slots

Slot games work based on something called a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is a very complex piece of software that tells the game to produce random outcomes with each spin. You would think that this puts you to a disadvantage, but it actually helps everyone stay safe, because this way, online slot games are virtually impossible to cheat.

Neither player nor the casino can interfere with the outcome of a game and that’s the first thing you should know about the games you are trying to beat. The randomness of events means that you won’t be able to develop a strategy and stick with it.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t devise a strategy and make sure you walk away with a solid profit. However, expecting to win each time is highly unrealistic. Don’t worry, because we will walk you through the steps to mastering the game.

Win at Slots By Playing Often

Since we are dealing with numbers – but not too much, so don’t get alarmed – we would say that the best way to get a clear reading on how much money you can win back will depend on the advertised payouts each game comes with.

With this in mind, your best bet is to play new online slot games that usually offer around 96% or 97% in return rates. This amount is not fixed in stone, because the numbers are accurately calculated for about every 10,000 spins on average.

This means that there is even more uncertainty when you play. Most gamers usually end up winning back what they have lost. Some players win more than the advertised percentages, but this is luck. Therefore how much you win will only depend on chance. There are things you can do to make sure you are winning “the most,” though.

  1. Always play with a fixed budget – How much you spend is always subjective, but if you are a budget player, £50 may be enough. On the flip side, if you are into high rolling, then £500 could be something you are more accustomed to. Either way, do not cross your budget’s limits.
  2. Don’t chase your losses – Losing a little too often is very dispiriting. Instead of trying to double down on your bets, remind yourself that you abide by the first rule of mastering slot games – i.e. playing as per your budget.
  3. Stick to the highest paying games Once again, the payouts will fluctuate, because of the variation you need to account for before the 10,000th spin, but higher-paying games are usually better than lower-paying ones.
  4. Look for bonuses Well, yes – slot bonuses are indeed one of the best ways to always extend your stay, win something extra and generally enjoy yourself without worrying about your funds. If you are given an opportunity, always choose to play with a bonus, but remember – where you play is far more important than the availability of a bonus. Always make sure you play at the best casinos come what may.

Does Understanding Paylines Help?

Each slot game will come with its own unique set of paylines – these are combinations of symbols that will reward you money. Understanding how online slot paylines work is helpful, but it will have somewhat small bearing on your actual winnings.

You will be able to follow the game more expertly and know what your chances of winning are before the last reel has stopped spinning, but that’s about it. However, when you look at the RTPs of the game itself and the payouts, you can adjust a medium bet that will fit your strategy.

More generous payouts might invite slightly larger bet, but if the paylines are only a few in and between, then you may be better off by following a slightly more conservative approach.

How To Win at Slots with High Volatility

Volatility is another important thing to consider when you set out on your quest to master the slot games. The term is very easy to understand and put to good use. High volatility slot games mean that you will get bigger winnings, but the downside is that these winnings will happen less often than they would with a game with lower volatility.

On the other hand, when you are dealing with a low-volatility game, then things are quite simple. You can realistically expect to win every other spin, which is generally a preferred way of playing these games.

However, you need to keep an eye out for one very simple fact – even if you win every second bet, this doesn’t mean that you will win back your money. The winnings vary. Sometimes you can win 2x or even 10x your bet, but other times you will end up with 50% of your original winnings.

The frequency of the winnings should also be juxtaposed to the total amount of winnings that you manage to notch up.

Is it Luck or Skill?

To win at slots requires a mix of luck, skill and following your instinct. For sure, you also need to know your limits and have a budget.  Stating that you can win with every spin would be wrong and misleading. Therefore we only outlined the scenarios in which you can expect an improved-upon return, but there is no surefire formula which can make you win.