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How to Win at Slots

Can you win at slots? As the most popular form of gambling in the world, it’s important for gamblers to learn how to win more often than not! Nowadays you can play slot machines anywhere and at any time from the comfort of your own home, so winning is extra important. Thanks to the advancements of the technology, slots became much more sophisticated, high-tech, and way more advanced than ever before. They can be a fantastic source or entertainment but an even better one when you win at slots.

Read on to discover highly practical tips and tricks that will help you develop a strategy and maximise your winnings as well as minimise your losses while playing slots online.

First Slot Machines

The first-ever slot machine was called the Liberty Bell and was a very simple automatic device with three spinning reels with a total of five symbols – diamonds, spades, hearts, horseshoes and a Liberty Bell itself. The Liberty Bell machine was a big success. The popularity of this machine was so overwhelming that the inventor was not able to keep up with the demand for the game.

Due to its fame, the game was copied by many other slot machine manufacturers. By 1908 lots of these machines have been installed in saloons, bars, bowling alleys, barbershops, and many other places. The first slot machines were quite simplistic and displayed three spinning reels with ten symbols on each. The odds of winning on these are easy to calculate. They grant 1000 combinations and paid out 750 total prizes, therefore on average, the house won 250 units for every 1000 spins. With time, thanks to the development of technology and the Internet, these machines have changed and the virtual ones took over.

Today’s Slot Machines

how to win at slot - slots and tables

It’s safe to say that today’s slot machines have very little in common with the first ones. Almost 40 years ago, slot machines were computerized with the random number generator. Today online slot machines have dominated the gambling industry. Most slot machines that can be found online resemble a structurally classic machine, but slots manufacturers are outrunning themselves when it comes to effects, functions, and features.

The best slots are also accompanied by a soundtrack that helps you feel the atmosphere of your chosen theme. The rules and possibilities of each slot are different. Each one also has different functions, the bonus rounds and graphics of each of them are completely different. Some are more complicated, others simpler and more beginner-friendly.

If it comes to winning on online slot machines, there are many factors that need to be considered. First of all, we need to remember that online slots are games of chance, and all outcomes are completely random and determined by means of a Random Number Generator, but that doesn’t mean that there is no way to make it more likely to win or limit your losses. So if you enjoy playing slot games, keep reading to discover tips that actually work and will help you develop your own slot strategy which can lead to higher winnings on slot games and fewer losses.

1. Choose the best online casino

First of all, make sure that you choose a legitimate and trustworthy casino. Choosing the right online casino is very important. The honourable casino is one that offers fair games with a fair chance of winning, and will also quickly pay out your winnings. Choose an online casino that has an established position and a good reputation. Make sure your casino is licensed by an appropriate government body, such as the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority, and that it has been approved by eCOGRA.

To eliminate the risk of being cheated, we suggest using proven casinos with many years of experience, such as those recommended on our website. You can be sure that all of these are totally trustworthy and respectable platforms with an excellent and well-deserved reputation. Casinos that we recommend are not only legitimate and dependable, but they also offer attractive welcome bonuses to their new users and many more interesting promotions. Take advantage of their No Deposit Bonuses, these are basically free money! Many of them also offer hundreds of free spins for online slot games.

2. Your game choice determines if you win at slots

Choosing a slot machine from thousands that available to us, can be quite confusing. When selecting a slot that would be right for you, there are some things that you need to watch out for. First of all, don’t get fooled by the most attractive looking and flashiest games.

Many casinos will try to promote very attractive slots, with an attractive design and interesting features. Although these might be very entertaining and very pleasant to look at, most likely they would also be the highest paying ones. So make sure to check out the paytable and the bet sizes before you invest your money.

3. Play for free first

Almost every single online casino offer you the possibility of playing for free, in so-called “Play Mode”. It can be very beneficial to get familiar with the machine and figure out the game first, before investing your hard earned money. Trying out games for free gives you the opportunity to learn and practice with no risk involved. We would also suggest going to the games that you feel the most confident playing. Naturally, the better you are at something, the more likely you will be to make some lucrative money out of it. So take advantage, learn the game and once you got to grips with it, start betting your way up.

4. Win at Slot with Free Spins

It is quite obvious that playing slots that offer “freebies” will certainly give you an extra chance of winning. Free Spins are the most popular form of bonus giveaways in all online casinos. Most of the online casinos offer tens or even hundreds of Free Spins to attract new players and also to make the old ones come back. It is because the gambling industry is extremely competitive these days and that is a piece of good news for you. Free Spins are usually a part of the Welcome Bonus Packages, but not only. We would recommend that you sign up for casino newsletters not to miss out on any interesting offers.

Free Spins will help you take care of your budget while playing and minimize your losses. Each Free Spin is increasing your chances at winning playing online slots. This means that you can try your luck on slot machines for free and win real money! But remember that not all slots offer Complimentary Spins. Some of them will give you very few, so it is important that you pick the slots with the best online slots bonuses.

5. Determine Return to Player – Know How Much You Can Win Back

RTP (Return to Player) is a very important factor if it comes to winning money playing slot machines online. The amount is calculated in the form of a percentage. The RTP is a measurement of the probability and chance of getting a payout. However, it is important to remember that in general slots that have higher RTP will pay out more frequently, but also those will usually be lower sums. In the majority of online slots, RTP will be between 94%-98%.

But there are also Slots that have RTP above 98,5%! Each 1% makes a bigger difference then you might expect. We would suggest going for the slots with higher RTP. It is good to keep in mind that games that have easier rules have also more scope for winning and so the RTP percentage here would be higher.

6. Consider Volatility and Win At Slots

Another crucial factor to take under the consideration is the game’s volatility, which is basically a different term for the level of risk that a game involves. Basically, volatility will indicate how frequently you can expect to win as well as how much. Slots of low volatility will give you more frequent payouts, but the amounts paid out will be lower, and slots of high volatility will usually compensate you with much bigger payouts but less frequently. If you are a beginner then low volatility slots might be better for you. High volatility slots, in general, are riskier.

7. To Win at Slots Go for Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which increases each time the game is played but not won. Winning progressive jackpot could change your life. However, it is not easy to hit it. Progressive Jackpots have the biggest payouts of all jackpots. The progressive jackpot will continue to grow as more players join the game.

The more players will play on the given machine, the bigger the jackpot. The reason why these machines are called “Progressive Jackpots” is that the pot grows until a winning combination is won. And these prize pools grow very quickly. Such is the charm of the Progressive Jackpot winnings – everyone hopes to win it. As you know, the competition is high, but so is the potential reward that can fall into the hands of each player.

8. Use Slot Tracker

Slot Tracker is a tool designed to help you win at slots more often. One of the most important tips that we can give you if it comes to slot machines is to identify those online slots that statistically pay out the most. Slot Tracker tracks key slot data such as hit rate, bonus frequency, volatility and RTP based on spins made by players associated with its network.

This means that players do not have to rely solely on the statistics provided by the programmer of the given slot machine. What is really great about this program is that it can also help players track their expenses on various slots and at different online casinos. At the moment, this application is available for free for an indefinite period of time. Take advantage of it!

9. Know when to cash out

Knowing when to quit while gambling and playing slots are extremely crucial. The biggest mistake that many players make is not knowing when to stop. You absolutely have to know when to say NO. It is easy to spiral out of control when you are doing well playing. But we strongly advise you to quit whilst you are still ahead. So don’t become greedy trying to make even more. The best advice would be to set a target for yourself, that once reached, get out, cash out and enjoy your winnings.

10. Be prepared to lose to win at slots

To win at slots, you have to be willing to lose sometimes. At the end of the day, you have to remember that slots are not games of skill but of luck. And let’s face it, even if we do our best and apply all the strategies and tips that we can think of, we are still gambling. So try to keep that in mind and remember that you need set goals and limits for yourself, and to bet responsibly. Know when to say enough is enough. In other words: expect the best but be prepared for the worst!

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