How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine

How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine

With gambling shifting into the digital age, it could be said that many of the issues faced in regular casino houses seem to have faded away; with increased accessibility and portability, the boom of online casinos has benefited players in numerous different ways. However, although this big leap into the online world has solved many issues within the gambling community, it has also carried over some of the same old challenges that have been a continuous source of torment, one of which being how to beat the slot machines.

So, how do you win against the slot machines? Here at Slots and Tables, we have created this guide to help you learn some top tips on beating the slots.

How do you Choose a Winning Slot Machine?

Although winning on the slots may seem mainly down to luck, slot machines, whether online or otherwise, are all about odds, so understanding these odds and the way they work can help you to better your chances of winning. One way of significantly increasing these odds is by choosing your slot machine carefully. Although seemingly insignificant in the grand scheme of the game, paying close attention to various different factors of your slot machine can help you to better your chances of winning, and winning big.

Choosing the Highest Payouts

For some of you reading this, it may seem rather obvious, but for many beginners, going online to play slots can leave you feeling confused and not knowing where to start. Therefore, the first rule in this how-to guide for choosing a machine is to pick the ones with the highest payout. This will increase you chances of winnings if playing over a longer period of time.

In order to find the slot machines with the highest payout, players should first become acquainted with the Return To Player (RTP) percentage. The RTP is the percentage of all wagered money that is paid back to the player after a game.

This can typically be found on the site of any given slot machine game, typically under the section for ‘help’ or ‘settings’, or if failing that can be searched for in casino game review sites. The RTP percentage normally varies anywhere from 92% – 97%, therefore choosing slot machines with a percentage of 96 and above is usually the best one to go for. Head over to our list of slots by RTP to see the most popular slots by their RTP score.

Slot Machine Volatility

Another important factor to consider when choosing your winning slot machine is the volatility of it.  The volatility (or variance/risk level) of a slot is the measurement of risk involved whilst playing it.

  • Low slot volatility = frequent, but smaller, wins.
  • High slot volatility = infrequent, but bigger, wins.

Deciding what level of volatility best suits your gambling style will help in your preparation of the game, and subsequently in winning the slot machines.

The volatility of a slot machine is something providers and sites do not often publicise, and therefore finding this information on a given site or a review of that particular slot will be hard to come by. However, there is a way you can test out the slot volatility for yourself; when playing a given slot for a long enough time, patterns will start to emerge, and you will either find that the wins are infrequent but big (meaning high volatility) or the wins are frequent but small (meaning low volatility).

Determining the slot machine volatility can therefore be an incredibly useful asset when choosing the right machine for your gambling style, and in helping to make those wins.

How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine

Place High Bets

The higher the wager the higher the winnings – although simple, keeping this in mind can help you to make those big wins against the slot machine. If you’re feeling brave, playing higher denomination slot machines work well with this mind set, as well as progressive jackpots, with the max bet required to stand a chance of winning the jackpot.

Don’t place high bets with just your own funds, be sure to claim the biggest casino bonus for slots you can (provided the terms are favourable). At least you’ll be able to afford the bigger wager and stick to it for longer.

With this knowledge that the size of a bet can drastically determine the outcome of the game, players can tailor their bets in favour of those big wins and beat the slot machine once and for all.

Don’t Trust Obvious Slots 

An important fact players should never forget when playing online slots is that the sites ultimately want to make money out of you, and therefore you’ll typically find the more heavily pushed and promoted slot machines on the sites will not be in favour of the players. By doing some digging around, you can often find winning slot machines hidden past the first page of a slot site.

Another great component in helping with the search for a winning slot is therefore to ignore the obvious options, and to not be so trusting of the house!

This logic can also be applied to branded slots, although arguably the slots that players will most likely be initially attracted to, these are quite possibly one of the worst slots to pick from if you are wanting to make wins. The advertising alone that developers pay on branded slots mean it would be illogical to make the machine easily lose money, meaning branded slots are almost always difficult wins.

Do Trust Players

When playing slots, although you should have a healthy dose of mistrust with the casino, this should be balanced by trusting your fellow players. When a slot is not paying well, other players will be the first to call this out, therefore it is good to check reviews on particular slots, eliminating your chances of picking bad slots and increasing your chances of choosing winning ones instead.

Although always helpful to have a good measure of luck on your side, these factors listed above can help you to further your chances of winning by choosing such “winning” slot machines. Preparation like this, although can often be seen as a tedious task will most likely pay off in the long run, and help you to gain a deeper level of respect for the tactics of the game all whilst becoming a slot machine master!

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