Highly Skilled Designers Moving to Online Gambling Industry

Highly Skilled Designers Moving to Online Gambling Industry

Online casinos are constantly evolving in order to keep up with the latest trends. One of the most sought after professions when it comes to online gambling is designers. If you’re a highly skilled designer, then you have a bright future in the world of online gambling. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to focus on online casinos or casino games. There’s always work to be found as the industry is still growing every day. So, why are highly skilled designers moving to the online gambling industry?

Working as a designer at an online casino

Working as a designer at an online casino - Slots and Tables

Online casinos and game developers in the gambling space are always moving forward and innovating. It took a relatively short time to move on from the first Microgaming casinos to mobile casinos and live dealer games. This need for innovation means that there’s always work to be found at online casinos. What does this mean for designers?

Attractive Salary. Online casinos are known to value their employees. The best way to show this is by offering them an attractive salary. Designers are known to stay with a single operator for years to come. Their salary can only grow as the casino operations grow and more players visit the casino on a daily basis. This is why a large number of designers target online casinos as their ideal workplace.

Opportunity for growth. As we mentioned earlier the online casino operators are never stagnant. There’s always a new project on the horizon and as a designer you will keep up with the latest trends. This allows you to grow as an individual and as a professional. There’s also a chance to progress in your work title, bringing a bigger salary and attractive perks. 

Great Work Environment. Working at an online casino means that you are working closely with people from all over the world. The work environment is great and stress free. Many operators pay a great deal of attention to the work environment, enabling designers to fall in love with their work. It’s a great place to be and you surely won’t have any regrets about working at an online casino. 

User Experience is Highly Important

UX Designers are a hot commodity in the online gambling world. Many operators today tend to go for a skeuomorphic design. What this means basically is that the designers are asked to mimic real life objects and incorporate them to the online casino. This is done in order to bring the online casino experience as close as possible to the real world equivalent experience.

If you’ve played online, you will have noticed some familiar items across online casinos which mimic the land based operators. For example, on some slots you can hear the cluttering of coins, just like on real life slot machines. Many operators also go for a dark design to mimic the atmosphere of a real casino

The work of UX designers is not easy. They can’t go overboard with the skeuomorphic design. A recent study showed that land based gamblers don’t really like online gambling. On the other hand, online gamblers are not really into land based gambling.

It seems that the main reason for this is the presence and lack of social interaction. Land based gamblers love to interact with other players, while online gamblers love to gamble solo, from the comfort of their home. UX designers need to come up with ways to attract both kinds of gamblers. This is why their work is so interesting and challenging at the same time. 

Skilled designers required for Skill-based games

In recent years we see a new kind of game emerging on the casino market. These games combine both chance and skill. In short the player will need to have an amount of skill in order to increase his chances of winning. Skill games are presented as a means to attract a younger generation of players. 

The revenues at land based casinos are noticing a steady drop in the past few years and research has shown that this is due to an aging generation of players. At the same time younger players don’t really like the old casino games. They grew up with PC games where you needed to have skill in order to be a successful player. As a result, casinos are introducing skill games aimed specifically at these players. 

What does this mean for designers? Well it’s a whole new headache to say the least. The new skill games operate on high performance systems which need to satisfy the graphics, high resolution and the user input commands. At the same time designers also have to come up with an attractive design which will catch the attention of players. This is without a doubt a monumental task.

The only solution is to employ high skilled and innovative designers who are capable of bringing the PC games and casino world together. This guarantees that the end product will be attractive and interesting enough to bring a new generation of players to the casinos. 

Should you become a designer for online casinos?

Designing casino games for a living

We are used to taking online casinos for granted. You visit the casino website, create an account, deposit money and start playing the casino games. But we rarely take into consideration the hard work the designers put in to deliver the final product. 

In many ways the design is the most important aspect of an online casino. Many times it only takes a few minutes for a player to decide whether they will play at a casino or move on to the next one. If the design is off the chances are high that the player will search for another casino. This is why high skilled designers are essential for the growth of an online casino. 

Without a solid team of designers, you are looking at a mediocre product which won’t grow in the future. Without growth and regular players, the casino won’t make a profit. So the next time you visit a casino with a state of the art design thank the people behind the scenes.