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Do You Need To Use Bonus Codes?

Every casino offers players some form of a bonus. It can be a no deposit sign up bonus, a generous welcome bonus or a free spins offer on top of your matched deposit. Whatever the bonus code is players in the know love to search for them and get huge satisfaction when they claim them and they actually work!

Claiming bonuses is pretty easy, especially when the casino has a bonus code for every separate offer they release.

In this article we will explain everything there is to know about bonus codes and whether you really do need to use them before signing up to online casinos. 

What are Bonus Codes?

Simply put bonus codes are unique codes which combine random numbers and letters, that are provided by the casino which allow players to access a specific bonus on offer. So for example if a casino has an offer of 200% up to £100 plus 50 Free Spins and a second offer of 30 Free Spins No Deposit, it’s easier to differentiate between the 2 offers by issuing each with a unique code.

This way you can be sure that you claim the bonus you want, saving you the hassle which comes with redeeming bonus offer you didn’t want. If this happens you will need to go to live chat and get the bonus annulled in order to claim another one. This leads to wasting precious time, time which you can use to play the games.

What are Bonus Codes-Slots and Tables

Redeeming a Bonus Code

Redeeming a bonus code is very easy and the process is more or less the same for all online casinos. The first thing you need to do is copy the code in full from the casino website or from the source which the casino sent out. Copying the code ensures that you will enter it correctly and receive the right offer.

Usually all bonus codes are redeemed at the casino cashier. If it’s a no deposit bonus code you would typically need to visit the Bonus section and redeem the bonus code in the appropriate field. Most deposit bonus codes are redeemed automatically when you make your first deposit, or just after you complete the registration process.

Once the bonus is redeemed it will immediately appear on your casino account and you can use it to play the casino games.

Do You Need To Use Bonus Codes?

This depends on the casino in question. At some casinos the bonuses on offer are added automatically as they have a unique landing page for each bonus they release.

On the other hand some casinos prefer to use bonus codes in order to clearly separate the bonuses they have in stock. So if you’re playing at a casino which has bonus codes you will need to use them if you want to claim a bonus.

So the answer is Yes you do need to use a bonus code if you are given one, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from any casino bonus which doesn’t come with a bonus. In that instant the bonus is automatically assigned to you after you register or deposit, so in the end you don’t miss out on the bonus either way.

Why Do Casinos Use Bonus Codes?

Most casinos use bonus codes in order to make it easier for players to claim the bonus they want. You may think that bonuses which are added automatically on your account are easier to claim, but this may not be the case. For example a problem can arise if the casino has a bonus for a certain day of the week and you still haven’t used the full welcome bonus.

So if the casino bonus for Friday is a 50% match bonus and the fourth deposit bonus is a 100% bonus you may get the 50% one if you make your deposit on Friday. In order to avoid these confusions many casinos use bonus codes which clearly state which offer you can to claim, along with the terms to ensure you don’t use 2 bonuses at the same time and invalidate any of your winnings.

They also come in handy when the casino has several bonus offers in a single day or separate codes for playing slots or table games. By redeeming the right bonus code you will get the bonus you want, without any confusion. 

What Does a Bonus Code Look Like?

In many cases, casinos use specific bonus codes in order to differentiate one bonus from another. If you see a bonus code which is just a random set of letters and numbers you won’t know what the offer is about. But if you see a bonus code like WELCOME100 you can decipher that it’s a welcome match deposit bonus of 100%.

This same rule applies for free spins. At some casinos, you will see a bonus code such as STARBURSTFS50. This bonus code indicates that you will be awarded 50 free spins on Starburst.

What’s interesting to note is that some casinos can offer a different bonus code for the same bonus offer. This is so to help the casino differentiate the players coming from different affiliates. So, one affiliate can offer one bonus code while another will have a different one for the same bonus offer. Bonus codes also come in handy for exclusive or specific bonus offers. Offers which are available on Valentine’s Day or Easter will come with bonus codes named VALENTINE or EASTER accordingly, in order to clearly show the players that this is an exclusive seasonal offer. 

Bonus Terms of Bonus Codes

The bonus terms for offers claimed via bonus codes are basically the same as any other offer. But some exclusive offers can have different terms.

Usually, the operator will list the terms which come with each bonus code. So you shouldn’t be surprised to see that a certain bonus codes can comes with lower wagering requirements or a higher maximum bet limit. In general the terms which can be different with are the wagering requirements, the maximum bet per spin, the maximum withdrawal limit and the allowed casino games.

This way the player will clearly know what the bonus terms are for the specific bonus and will need to follow them to the letter in order to make a successful withdrawal. Like with any other offer the most important advice we can give you is to read the bonus terms prior to making a real money deposit. 

Of course if you don’t want to redeem a bonus and play with your cash balance only, you can make a deposit without redeeming any bonus code and not worry about any bonus terms.