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Classic Slots

Classic Slots

When you hear “classic slots,” you probably think of something that used to be all the rage back in its day but has petered out nowadays. Well, this is not quite so in the casino world. The games we call classic slots these days are those proven titles that continue to excite customers of online casinos decades after they have been released. They are not bad looking at all and slick graphics always put them the way on top of our recommended slots even for 2019.

Classic slots - Slots and Tables
There are many classic slot games that still captivate the hearts and minds of gamers, and for many players, the classics are actually preferable and more fun to play than the new stuff. Sure, many developers have focused on more visually-stunning games, but are these eye-popping graphics always the best for the average player? So when it comes to classic or modern slots, let’s see which is better, shall we?

Classic Slots: Overview

The classic slots have a more 2D look, plainer graphics, but are right on par with the time in which they were released. Some games often get slight visual touch-ups to make sure that they are right there with the rest of the pack. Still, this is not the most important about a classic slot.These games come with 3 reels and often between 1 and 3 pay lines. This may seem a little restricting, but think about it this way – fewer paylines means more affordable bets, smaller risk, and the occasional big payout.While all casino software companies are now pushing for the most innovative products, none has been willing to cut out the classic slots from of their portfolio, and you can see that a majority of online casinos in 2019 have an entire section dedicated to classic slots exclusively. Not only that, but some studios are making new slots with that vintage style even in 2019!Overall, there are hundreds of possible titles you can pick from and some are well ahead of their time. For instance, Playtech’s Chinese Kitchen comes with 8 paylines, which is a complete game-changer for classic slot lovers.Classic Slots 1Playtech’s version is a perfect balance of tradition and rich and colourful gameplay, which again goes to show that the classics are in fact quite indistinguishable from even the most cutting-edge slot games today.

Classic Slots – The Different Types

Classic slots have been churned out in the hundreds over the years and they have spawned their own sub-categories. It’s not enough to call them classic any more, as you can choose from a rather rich variety, including:
  • 777 slots
  • Fruit machines
  • Penny Slots
  • 3/5-reels
  • 3×3 slots
There are only slight differences between each of these categories. It’s interesting to keep in mind that there are in fact 5-reel slots that are categorised as classic, which expands the overall library of such games. The classic 3×3-grid slots are also highly popular among gamers who love the retro feel of slots.

Classic Slots Makers – The Studios Behind It All

As you can expect, the majority of classic slots have been developed by the companies to enter the market the earliest, including Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. As a result, the most memorable classic slots to date are courtesy of these three companies.Classic Slots 2Of course, others have also entered the market, but they have been entering from the standpoint of modern studios looking at these games in retrospect. Play’n Go has come up with interesting titles, such as Bell of Fortune, Lucky Diamonds, 5xMagic, and others.

Classic Slots Are Technologically Advanced

There is one distinct advantage that puts classic slots ahead of most of the other types of games, including video slots. The classic versions of the games often don’t need Flash to be played. This means that you will almost always be able to access the game from an iOS device, even if the game was developed a few years back.In terms of visuals and gameplay mechanics, the classic games are very quick, too, so you won’t have to wait long for the reels to finish spinning. You have just as much control over your bankroll as you do at any modern game today.

Recommended Classic Slots

Having been around for a long while, we have cut our teeth on some of the best online slots sites. Here are our recommended titles for outstanding classic titles that you can still very much enjoy in 2019.

Break Da Bank

Classic Slots 3

Break Da Bank has its own look which reminds of a real land-based slot machine, but don’t be fooled, because the profits here can be big and reach life-changing sums. There is a wild symbol which boosts your overall chances of winning with every spin you place. The game has a great maximum payout worth 2,400 and the average RTP is very high for a classic slot at 95.75%.

Double Whammy

The Double Whammy slot may not have all the cool bells and whistles that modern slots titles do, but the game comes with the respectable 96.23% in RTP. You can play at as little as £0.25 or punch up the maximum bet or £5.Classic SlotsThe slot comes with one single lonely payline, but this doesn’t stop Double Whammy to even out-do Break Da Bank in potential maximum payout with 2,500 coins up for grabs.

Seven and Fruits

Studios like Playson doesn’t shun from an opportunity to bring the old classics to life by wrapping them in a delightful new package. Seven and Fruits has the trappings of a modern game, but it feels and plays like one of the oldest titles in the industry. The bets start at £0.10 and you can fetch up to £100,000 in max payouts!Classic SlotsYes, the game is far more visually compelling, but this is just the norm in 2019. Studios like Play’n Go and Playson are allocating some resources into keeping the classic slot vertical alive and they have been quite successful.

Classic Slots – Try Them Now!

Not only are classic slots still an essential part of the casino experience and some of the best paying. Studios continue to develop highly enhanced versions in 2019. Playing the classics means enjoying a delightful casino experience and this is something that the best game providers can promise you with certainty.