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Classic Slots – Why We Love Them and They’re Here To Stay

Classic slots are the basis for all the new slots. The earliest online slots appeared in 1994 and featured simple graphics and game mechanics, but they quickly became a crucial part of the online gambling landscape. Today, those classic games are still very popular and you will find that many online casinos still dedicate a whole section of their website to these beloved games.

So are classic online slots here to stay for online gamers? We think that this is a solid yes and the classics aren’t going anywhere. Of course, they won’t be able to survive in their ill-designed original forms, so many games have been getting face-lifts while highlighting why the classic slots were and still are great fun.

What are Classic Slots?

Let’s define what classic slots are. These games usually come with only a few pay lines (possibly even one!), and they have a smaller playfield than their modern counterparts, are smaller than modern slots, with a 3 x 3 reel area. While you might be thinking classic slots means you will be stuck with familiar fruit symbols, visually, some developers are making them stand out anyway. For example, let’s look at Chinese Kitchen. 

Chinese Kitchen classic slot

Classic Slots 1

A classic slot through and through, it is developed by BGO, a studio owned by Playtech. The game is based on classic slot gameplay, but it runs perfectly on any mobile device and in light of this, it stands toe to toe with some of the newer video slots presently on the market.

  • The beautifully designed background and an intelligent menu will allow you to get access to the full set of features the game has to offer.
  • An optional AutoPlay feature is also on the cards if you want to take a short break, but don’t really want to stop spinning.
  • If you are not too fond of waiting the animations of each reel do their thing, you can speed things along with the Turbo Mode feature.

The game is considered one of the best examples of how classic slots can be just some exciting as their modern counterparts. Chinese Kitchen is an awesome game and it definitely represents the classic slots segment well.

Classic Slots – Why Play Them?

Classic slots have many benefits. They are very simple to understand and will make it very simple for you to pick the basics of slot gaming. You have a number of symbols that pay a certain amount in certain combinations. This makes it simpler for you to follow and identify payouts. You can even scale your understanding of the classics and apply it to any other form of iGaming, especially video and 3D slots.

These games are also friendly to budget players. If you don’t have much of a budget, but would love to extend your gaming session a little longer, you can stick with the classic slots. This doesn’t mean compromising with the quality. Quite to the contrary, there are hundreds of classic slots that will guarantee you are having fun as you play them.

Old School Casino Fun

If you think that classic slots lack a variety of themes, we will prove you wrong. Studios like SG Digital have created a perfect variety of classic games that you will enjoy today. Yes, the graphics are freshened up, the colours are bright and the sounds are very pleasant. The Wizard of Oz, for example, is a 3-Reel game developed by Williams, a studio owned by SG Digital, which absolutely hits the mark.

Classic Slots 2

You can play in the company of the Wizard of Oz while enjoying decent payouts and complete control over your bankroll. Adjusting the bet level is done by simply choosing the plus and minus symbols.

Once again, you can expect the games to be technologically up to date. In fact, iOS users will find the slot experience to be far more accessible than some flash games make it look.

Classic Slots: More Easily Accessible

There are multiple reasons why classic slots are more popular. First, while a form of gambling, both the Apple Store and Google Play allow you to download classic slot games and enjoy them. This means that from a legal standpoint, you will have access to more options.

Secondly, the games are very light and they run smoothly on any device. The biggest selling point for all “new” classic slots is that they have been coded using HTML 5, an innovative programming language which has displaced “Adobe Flash” as the dominant gaming language.

Vintage Slots to try today

We have about covered the technical characteristics that make classic slots an excellent choice of entertainment. However, we may have left out some important information about which games we recommend.

In putting together this brief list, we have accounted for the game’s payouts and accessibility, as well as the customer satisfaction rating that we put together by researching positive versus negative mentions of each game.

As a result, we only bring you the unanimous winners in the category for the best classic slots of all times, including:

  • Break Da Bank
  • Double Whammy
  • Chinese Kitchen
  • Goblin’s Cave
  • Mega Joker

Goblin’s Cave is one of our favourites, as the game comes with an impressive 99.54% in payout rates. Goblin’s Cave is developed by one of the best studios in the industry – Playtech, who are actively continuing to create an authentic classic experience for gamers in 2019.

The only real let-down about Goblin’s Cave is that it requires flash to be played, which may not be really welcome by iOS users.

Classic Slots are Worth Every Penny

Otherwise known as “penny slots,” the classic games are a top choice for gamers who seek to play with smaller budgets but still have loads of fun when they do so.

For a more in-depth take, check out our latest Casino Reviews to discover where you can choose your own classic slot and spend hours enjoying vintage gameplay and fair payouts!