How to get started with online slots

Best Slots To Get Started

Online slots are better than traditional casino games in pretty much every way. What’s more, they are the best place to get started with online gambling especially for those who are just getting started and are still new to slots.  The best online slots have great audiovisual entertainment while holding your hand with the best slots bonuses to get your bankroll full and you, ready to spin.

Best Slots: Where to Find Them?

New slots offer the best cinematic intros to set the storyline, impeccable graphics to keep you entertained, and unique custom-made soundscapes to really take your experience to the next level. This is because online casino software providers are constantly competing to outdo each other.  The best slots are released regularly by the likes of:

  • Betsoft
  • Microgaming
  • Play’n Go
  • NetEnt

Each of these studios has developed some of the best slots in the industry, but they haven’t stopped there.

Best Slots To Get Started

You can play directly on the developer’s website or pick one of our recommended casinos to play slots and table games. If you are in the United Kingdom, then you should know that the majority of casinos are now introducing improved security measures which would oblige you to confirm your identity before you can even play the free, demo versions of the games listed on the casino’s website.

What Best New Slots Should You Play?

There is a very good choice of new slot games. Each developer averages 2 new games released a month and since the gameplay can stretch up to weeks or months at a time, you will often return back to the same games.

Understandably, you need to choose what games to play first. There are several factors to consider before making up your mind:

  • The Game’s Payout
  • Available Features (wild, scatter, bonus)
  • Game Volatility

Each of these features will determine how much you end up winning or losing while playing a particular game. Since these terms can be a little confusing, we will help you understand what the best choice for you would be.

We recommend that you start with a game that pays at least 96%. Our own recommendations are:

  1. Starburst
  2. Dead or Alive
  3. Jumanji
  4. Jurassic Park (Microgaming’s version)
  5. ThunderStruck II or Avalon II.

Best Slots To Get Started

Another big title we recommend is Hot as Hades where you will find out a bit about the so-called i-slots, i.e. game that let you influence the outcome of events a little more.

The games are not only generous, but they are also very fun to look at and contain myriad animated characters that will keep you happy. The only downside is that if you choose to start with Hot as Hades, you will need to enable “flash”.

Most new games run on HTML5, but Hot as Hades is one of Microgaming’s older titles which hasn’t been updated to run on iOS devices just yet.

Why Is Volatility Important?

Volatility is the rate with which games pay. In the cases you get a game with high volatility, it means that your payouts will be huge but they will also be much less common.  This means that you will have to rely on your bankroll alone without any winnings until you hit a big sum. That’s why we recommend looking for the best RTP slots before you play.

Conversely,  the best slots for new players are those that have lower volatility. This way you will keep your bankroll constantly expanding or at least – minimise any losses that you may have incurred over the course of regular play.

Enjoy the Top Slots

Some familiarity with the symbols available in a game is always a great starting point for you to guarantee yourself more in the way of winnings. Of course, nobody really expects from you to know the games and their symbols by heart.

There is an easier way around. Everything that you will ever need to know about a game will be immediately available to you in a separate “infobox” that each slot game comes along with. Simply open up the infobox and read up on the symbols and the combinations you need.

To help you understand the symbols better, you should always look into:

  • Regular Symbols – These are usually 10s, J, Q, K, A or the pip value of face cards. They offer the smallest payouts in new slots.
  • Wild Symbols – As the name suggests, this unique symbol is here to fill in for any combination and replace any symbol bar the so-called “Scatter”.
  • Scatter Symbols – The Scatter is usually one, although some games may in fact feature two. The Scatter usually triggers bonus levels or bonus free spins, which is always welcome.
  • Bonus Symbols – The bonus is a special sort of symbol that unlocks an entirely different bonus level. Not all slots need or have a bonus symbol, but this shouldn’t dissuade you from playing these slots in the first place.

Discover The Best Slot Games to Play

How to get started - slots and tables

To get yourself playing the slots you won’t need much money or even much in the way of understanding the games. There is plenty of games you can enjoy in authentic free-play modes, which will allow you to experience them in full without staking real money. Once you have learnt the ropes, though, there will be no stopping you from enjoying the best new slots in full.

Roll with the best software makers and the most respected casinos and your money and account information will always be safe.