Best Slots Bonuses

Best Online Slots Bonuses

With hundreds of casinos claiming to offer the best slots bonuses, you need a way to fine-tune your search and single-out the best from the rest. We have identified the best online slots bonuses for you so your search can come to an end!

Best slots Bonuses - Slots and Tables

How To Find the Best Slots Bonuses

The trick to finding great slot bonuses is not getting overwhelmed by all the options to pick from. There are thousands of casinos, and each casino will have dozens of bonus offers, so altogether you’re getting into the hundreds of thousands of slots bonus offers.

You need to identify promotions that will really get you ahead with your winnings. That’s why we’re here. We’re constantly scanning all the best slot sites so we can list all the best online slots bonuses we can find in one place. From awesome welcome bonuses to matched deposits, slots bonuses can include many goodies to boost your online casino experience!

We have identified the best bonuses on slots and continue to keep them updated for you. Simply browse through our picks and jump in! Don’t forget to check back as we update this page regularly with new slot bonuses.

Types of Slots Bonuses

We love casinos that make an effort to stand out when it comes to providing you with slot bonuses. It’s a great way to start playing with extra funds. The best bonuses for slots come in several formats. These are the most common:

Welcome BonusA complete package of different bonus types exclusively held for new players
Free SpinsPlay a designated slot game with a set number of spins for free. Eg, 50 free spins on Starburst
First Deposit BonusUsually a combined matched bonus plus free spins but only applies to your first deposit
No Deposit BonusEnjoy free money such as £10 free, or free spins, simply for registering a new account with the casino
Free Play BonusThis is similar to free spins but requires no deposit. It’s just a way to trial a slot game before you take advantage of a real money bonus.

While each bonus type can be slightly confusing at first, the experience itself will be your best teacher. Remember to carefully examine what each bonus requires of you as a gamer. In some cases, certain casinos will call a “no deposit bonus” what others would consider “free play money.” So don’t get too worried about the jargon. So don’t get too worried about the jargon, hopefully we’ve explained it all here.

The best online slots bonuses really depend on what type of player you are. If you are not looking to place a large wager or play over a longer period of time, then the free spins and no deposit slot bonuses would be the most attractive.

Slots Bonus Comparison – Match vs Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos offer on-going promotions in various forms, but the welcome bonus presents the best bang for your buck.

There is no core difference between the two. In fact, a match bonus is actually part of a welcome bonus. A welcome bonus can ‘match’ the money you deposit therefore becoming a match bonus. The only difference is that a welcome bonus can also contain other promotions such as free spins, bonus spins or free money in the form of a no deposit bonus.

Usually available on your first few deposits only, welcome bonuses will match your deposit by a certain amount i.e. 100% or 200% up to a sum predetermined sum, usually £100 or £200. For instance, deposit £100 and you will have £200 to play with, if the bonus is a 100% match up to £100.

If you are looking to spend 5 or more hours playing slots then we recommend taking a welcome bonus which would include a high matched bonus such as 300%, combined with a large number of free spins, up to 300 are on offer at the casinos we have reviewed. This way you maximise your time playing and will have a great chance to hit a jackpot.

The first thing you should do before claiming any bonus is reading the bonus terms and conditions in full. Spare a few minutes of your time, to prevent headaches in the long run.

With that in mind, let’s look at other factors to answer the question of ‘what are the best slot bonuses’?

Are Free Spins the Obvious Slot Bonus to go for?

Slot machines are the most played games across online casinos. It’s only natural that many casinos will try and attract players with free spins bonus offers.

The best slots bonuses at UK Casinos might include free spins alongside your welcome bonus, such as 100% match + 20 Free Spins. But, Free Spins may be offered standalone, and not necessarily on your first deposits only. Online casinos often reward loyalty with occasional free spins to existing players in order to keep them engaged.

Free Spins - Slots and Tables

How do Free Spin Slots Bonuses Work?

Free Spins bonuses are simple, and they usually require a deposit on your part. You are given, for example, 50 Free Spins, and you can use them on any game of the casino’s choosing – this may be one game or a few pre-selected slots. The bonus terms will always include this information, as well as the value of each spin.

After you’ve used up your Free Spins, any winnings will be converted into bonus cash and will need to be wagered as usual.

A casino may impose a maximum cashout limit on Free Spins bonuses, most commonly £100. Meaning, no matter how much you’ve won from your bonus spins, you cannot withdraw more than £100 – extra funds will be voided.

What about No Deposit UK Slots Bonuses?

No Deposit Bonuses are the most sought-after bonus type across the online market. You, as a player, can go from casino to casino claiming every no deposit offer, essentially playing with free money for as long as there are bonuses at your disposal.

These bonuses are not exactly free money, of course. You will be given either a cash bonus or free spins bonus, often in low amounts, such as £10 or 20 Free Spins. Then, the bonus will need to be wagered. Understandably, No Deposit Bonuses have higher than usual wagering requirements – up to 100x – as well as a max cashout limit.

Understanding Wagering Requirements on Slot Bonuses

Wagering requirements have to do with how many times you need to play through the bonus money you have been granted in order to consider cashing it out. Effectively stopping you from withdrawing the free money given to you by the casino in their slot bonus offer.

When you are playing with a deposit, you will usually be given a little more leeway compared to no deposit offers. Typically a slot bonus wagering requirement will be around 25x to 35x, whereas a no deposit slot bonus would command you to stake your money between 40x to 60x.

This can be illustrated better with an example. If you were to deposit £250 with a 35x wagering requirement, a quick calculation would tell you that you need to wager £8750 (£250 x 35). Crunch the numbers to estimate how many spins at £0.10 each you need to place, and this produces a total number of 87,500 spins.

You can do between 20 and 60 spins per minute with the turbo feature switched on the fast spinning slot games. So that’s equivalent to 25 hours of auto spins in order to clear the wagering requirements (assuming you win).

This gives you a rough idea of how to choose your bonuses. In simple terms, you will want to always focus on small sums. Even if the ceiling is a tempting number, you might want to consider and do these basic calculations to see if you will have the time and funds to play through the bonuses.

What is a considered a good wagering requirement for Slots?

Every bonus needs to be wagered. An online casino may require you wager your deposit + bonus amounts combined, your deposit only, or your bonus only.

When reading through the bonus terms, make sure the wagering requirements are reasonable. 30x to 35x of your bonus and deposit cash is an acceptable wagering rate, anything higher than that and you will run into issues.

Some exceptions do apply, and context matters. If you claim a table game bonus, for example, it’s only natural that you will be required to wager more, such as 40x or 45x of your bonus.

The higher the bonus amount, the more you have to wager. Keep this in mind and don’t go overboard when claiming bonuses. Some casinos offer thousands in bonus cash, but it’s not always a wise idea to claim the full amount. A £1000 bonus may look good on paper, but when combined with your deposit, you may have to wager anywhere between £60,000 and £80,000!

How to Choose A Great Slot Bonus

By now, you have a good understanding of what bonuses are available on slots and how you can make them work for you.

But, how do you choose the bonus that is best for you? The answer is simple – focus on the casino with the best long-term prospects. You should look into things such as:

  • Reputation
  • Post-welcome-bonus offers
  • Game variety
  • Overall payouts
  • Loyalty program

Claiming your slots bonus is a matter of a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Pick a casino with a good slots bonus. If you are planning to play in the long term, there is no better option than to consider changing to a casino based on what slot bonuses they offer. Just pick one from the list above. If your bankroll isn’t so big yet, we suggest you go for free spins slots bonuses. However, if you can afford it, a deposit match bonus might give you better value and more options when selecting the slot to actually use the bonus on.
  • Step 2: Register with the casino. You can’t benefit from the bonus unless you have an account with the casino. This is simple and works just like signing up for any other online service: all you need are your personal details. You will need to provide an official ID such as passport or driving license. All UK licensed casinos ask for such information before you claim your bonus, as required by law.
  • Step 3: Get your slot bonus activated. Once you have signed up you will most likely need to activate the slot bonuses you chose. Sometimes this is done automatically while at other times you will need to enter a bonus code. If you are unsure, read the instructions that came with the bonus in our terms and conditions.
  • Step 4: Deposit money. The best slot bonuses require you to deposit in order to be unlocked. Once you’ve funded your casino account with one of the payment methods they accept, you will be able to benefit from the bonus at the online casino.
  • Step 5: Spin those slots and win! Just launch the slot game that the bonus directs you to try or pick one yourself. If you happen to win while using free spins or bonus credit, you need to fulfill the requirements before withdrawing Once that’s done, you will be able to get your winnings paid to your bank account to be used as you wish.

Slot Bonus Terms and Conditions: Make Sure You Read Them

Slot bonuses are great, but most of the time players forget that there are rules to using them. The terms are conditions are never the most fun aspect of slot bonuses, we get it. But you should still read them as they tell you what your benefits will be and how to claim them.

Assuming a bonus comes with no strings attached can come with consequences like not being able cash out. Terms and conditions always include crucial information such as:best-slots-bonuses

  • The minimum deposit to trigger the slot bonus
  • Depositing every day for a number of days
  • Deadlines for using a bonus
  • Specific games the bonus can be used on
  • The maximum bonus amount you can get
  • What the wagering requirements of are
  • How much you can bet per spin
  • Value of any free spins
  • Maximum you are allowed to cash out

By law, online casinos in the UK must list the terms and conditions of playing at that casino, including any explanation of bonuses on offer. We do this on every casino offer you present you, so be sure to hover over the terms and conditions below each offer.

Make it a habit to read the fine print so that you don’t miss out on a big win by not following the rules.

The 3 slot bonus rules most people stumble on

Aside from the bulleted list above specifying what you should look out in the terms and conditions, we thought it would be useful to know about 3 specific ones that most people overlook.

  1. Game Restrictions For UK Slots Bonuses

    Every online casino has different game restrictions in place. This means that you cannot wager your bonus on any game you like. Oftentimes, different games will contribute varying amounts to wagering. For instance, slots may contribute 100%, whereas table games 10%.

    Some casinos simply won’t let you wager on disallowed games with a bonus active, whereas some may take away your bonus cash without warning if you do so. When in doubt, customer service is there for a reason and look for what games you can or cannot play that would contribute towards your wagering total in order to withdraw your bonus.

  2. Maximum Bet Rule

    The maximum bet rule is essential to keep in mind when armed with a slot bonus. There are dozens upon dozens of complaints online of players claiming to have been scammed by online casinos when the fact of the matter is they didn’t pay attention to the terms of use.

    In most cases, the maximum bet (per single stake) you can make with an active bonus in your account is £5. Surpass it and you have your bonus and any subsequent winnings taken away from you.

  3. Time Allotted

    Make sure you’re aware the time you’ve been allotted to wager your bonus. Usually, a bonus will disappear after 30 days, which is more than enough time to complete the wagering process.

Can I get a Slot Bonus as a VIP?

Online casinos are well aware that there’s nothing stopping players from hopping from casino to casino on a whim. This is why they will attempt to retain players via on-going loyalty bonuses or VIP club invites, offering exclusive benefits to regular players.

Loyalty Bonuses come in many forms: No Deposit rewards, Matching Bonuses, Free Spins.

That’s not to say that bonuses are the only reason you should become a regular at a casino you like. In fact, it’s more important that the casino processes fast payouts, offer a good gaming selection and helpful customer service so that you never run into issues while playing.

So yes, you don’t have to join a new casino every time you want to take advantage for a welcome bonus. You should stay loyal to your casino of choice as you will still be rewarded with slot bonus promotions on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis.

What are the Best Slots Bonuses?

Gamers agree that certain bonuses can be too attractive, but also too difficult to clear the wagering requirements in order to cash out. Therefore opting for slightly less generous bonuses can actually bring you better overall profits and rewards. You needn’t go after the biggest numbers, but rather focus on a well-rounded offer that will provide you with plenty of slot games to try instead.

Our list above is ordered that way specifically because we have analysed all the factors we have outlined here and place the number 1 ranking to the best all around slot bonus. However, that doesn’t mean that anything ranked number 2 or below is inferior. In fact even the listing in last position still has a respectable slot bonus, so it’s a case of choosing something great out of an already good bunch.

If this is all too much to take it, just keep life simple and select the first casino on our list. We think it’s the best online slot bonus and we’re probably right!

Is Using Slot Bonuses Always a Good Idea?

Yes! A bonus is always a good idea. Even if you only claim £10 or £20 in bonus funds, this could amount to as many as 100 or 200 extra spins to enjoy. Don’t dismiss small amounts as they could bring you lucky spins that will multiply the size of your bankroll in no time at all.

To really get yourself started, you will need to realise that every penny you spend is worth it. Even when you play for fun, there is no need to go around and just bet on anything. Play smartly and we can promise you that this way you will have the most fun.