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Best Slots with Stacked Wilds 

The best slot sites have been innovated beyond recognition and today you will find a bunch of them offering all sorts of cool features. We have taken a crack at the Wilds, one of the most exciting additions that online games have. Over time, the Wilds symbol has evolved to include at least two variations, but we will only take a look at the best slot wilds, known stacked wilds. This is a hugely important symbol in online slots. Read on to see what these Stacked Wilds are all about and whether they are worth a shot and your hard-earned money.

What are Stacked Wilds?

If you have some hands-on experience playing slots yourself, you have certainly come across the “Wild.” It’s a symbol that allows you to replace a missing winning symbol as part of a payline. The Wild is the originator of many decent payouts and it’s definitely a favourite. Before we show you which the best slots with stacked wilds are, we will cover a few bases ourselves.

Over the years, the best developers have experimented with their games, and part of their efforts focused on the “Wild Symbol”. NetEnt, an award-winning studio, has developed the “Expanding Wild” feature, popularised by Starburst, a game that is featured in the majority of bonus offers.

The “Stacked Wild” feature, however, works in a slightly different way. The Symbol may still produce a whole reel full of Wilds, but this is not necessarily always the case. Instead, the Wilds can end up filling up only part of the reels. 

In their essence, the “Stacked Wilds” contribute to the total payout and help you build your own bankroll, only they are slightly more entertaining all things considered and provide game makers with far more options to make the experience entertaining to you the gamer.

Let’s take a look at a handful of games that over excellent, above-average payouts and come with a few additional features up their sleeve. 

Do Stacked Wilds Games Have Better Payouts?

In our experience, we have noticed that the best games payout quite generously and perhaps even slightly better than the industry average. The best RTP games offer an RTP higher than 96.50%, which is a very good amount to consider. Here are the payouts for each game we will recommend today:

Golden PrincessNetEnt96.00%
Arcane Reel Chaos SlotNetEnt96.81%
Hensel and Gretel SlotNetEnt96.71%

Stacked Wilds Slots To Try

There is a handful of Stacked Wilds slot you will want to expand. Our first stop is Fortunium, a brilliant game developed by the skilled hands of Microgaming. The slot uses an interesting 5×5 grid, which allows it to feature interesting and visually-compelling Stacked Wilds. 

Fortunium slot gameplay.

Fortunium is a 40-payline game, which comes with a thicket of its own unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. “Victoria” and “Maximilian” represent the two Stacked Wild features, but there is more to come besides that – Mystery Symbols, Boosters and a profit that can reach up to 100,000 coins with a single spin are all on the menu for you to enjoy. 

Even More Stacked Wilds Slots!

Now that we have caught you up on what Stacked Wilds are, it’s time to get a more detailed list with games. Since Stacked Wilds slots are fairly new invention, you can rely on killer graphics, excellent audio, more bonus features than you have ever seen before, and more. Here, we have only shortlisted the best ones:

Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess is an interesting fairy-tale game. The theme reminds players of a Disney story and there are many awesome stackable symbols, among which the Wilds. The interface is very intuitive and you can quickly find your way around without having to worry about anything. You can get you hands on experience very quickly in the free version of the game and see for yourself how the Stacked Wilds actually work.

Golden Goddess user interface.

Arcane Reel Chaos Slot

A true NetEnt game, Arcane Reel Chaos Slot is most certainly worth your while. The game comes with outstanding 96.81% payout rates, which makes it one of the most generous titles out there. with its low-to-medium volatility, this games promises to hook you up with some outstanding and consistent payouts. This slot is most certainly worth your while and we are sure that you wouldn’t hesitate before jumping into the game.

Dracula Slot Wilds

Dracula is yet another title that you can explore and get your Stacked Wilds all lined up. You can play with as little as 0.01 coin per spin, which gives you full control of your bankroll and allows you to place well-measured wagers. The excellent payout of 96.58% will keep your bankroll healthy not least because the volatility is set to low-to-medium.

Hansel and Gretel Slot Wilds

One of the sweetest and arguably best slots with stacked wilds is the timeless story of Hansel and Gretel. The cool bit starts right at the get-go when the characters are introduced amid a quickly shaping up 3D world. So far as attention to detail goes, Hansel and Gretel Slot is an absolute winner. With 96.71% to its name, this NetEnt gem will pay out generously!

Gameplay and winning combinations in Hansel and Gretel Slot

Why the Best Slot Wilds Pay Out More

So far, as the majority of Slot Wilds slots go, they all pay more than the industry average, bar a few exceptions. The low-to-medium volatility allows players to enjoy better payouts in the short and long term and the generous additional features, beyond the Wilds themselves, are another helpful tool in the quest towards better profits. The news and innovate edge of Stacked Wild slots definitely put them high on the list of games to play of today’s gamers.