Best new slots online according to professional gamers - Slots and Tables

Best New Slots Online According to Professional Gamers

Everyone wants to play the best new slots online in existence, so our experts are here to help. Our resident slot fans are passionate gamers first and careful analysts second.

Our experts wear many hats, but today they have chosen to help you find the best new slots online with a few simple clicks and no effort on your part. Sit back and enjoy while we explain how to find the best slots.

Best New Online Slots Are Transparent

While developers and casinos used to be a little more secretive about their products in the past, things have changed up significantly and today players, including yourself, want to know what they are getting involved into. Take for example the United States where new arrivals to the market have a quick way of displaying what you can expect in terms of payout, volatility, the type of slot you are dealing with, and more. This will give you a good read of which the best new online slots in 2019 are, and this rule applies in full for the UK domestic market.

Best New Online Slots Are Transparent - Slots and Tables

If you can’t find this information in a clean and transparent manner at the casino, you might want to move onto the next portal. On the flipside, you may like to stick around a little while longer and just look up the information you need directly at the developer’s website.

Games today are very easy to grasp and any questions you might have about an individual title should be readily answered by your casino or the developer – this is how you know that you are playing a slot that would be recommended by professional gamers.

The Best New Slots Online Have Great PayoutsThe Best New Slots Online Have Great Payouts - Slots and Tables

The industry’s average payout percentage has increased quite significantly. If years ago 95% would be an acceptable payout, market leaders like Microgaming and NetEnt are pushing the average payout well above 96%, which in turn helps gamers extend their stay at casinos, build a more substantial bankroll, and generally have more fun playing.

Finding the best paying slots today is a matter of focusing on game makers rather than the slots themselves. Scientific Games, for example, would offer you better overall payouts based on the size of your bet while NetEnt will always come up with some game version, such as Warlords: Crystal of Power slot which offers you a flat 96.89% payout rate. Consider the fact that this is a low/medium slot, and you can expect very good payouts along the way.

Best New Slots Online to Try Right Now

We have shortlisted a handful of slots that we know you would love to try yourself, and while 2019 has brought its own winners, we will also go a little further back.

Warlords: Crystal of Power is a real gem in the vast slot library online. Developed by NetEnt and offering frequent payouts, this game is the perfect way to play and expect ROI. There are Wild & Scatter Symbols that will bring you various rewards depending on which house you have chosen to affiliate yourself with.

If you love story-based slots, then Golden Grimoire is another game you would be keen to get your hands on. Crack open the secretive nature of the Grimoire and land yourself solid profits at 96.44% payout. With low-to-medium volatility, this is yet another game that definitely makes it on the best new slots online list this year.

Golden Grimoire Screenshot - Slots and Tables

More recent releases that are worth your while including Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs and Dragon Shard, both of which have been brought to life by Microgaming. The games are fully optimized for mobile, and Dragon Shard is a great catch with around 96% in RTP and an excellent bonus level, free spins and generous payouts you don’t want to miss out on.

We decided to run some tests and discovered a possible sure-fire strategy. While playing the game we noticed that the free spins level usually gets triggered before we lose 50 coins. It’s almost certain that you will trigger the free spins level and at least break even. The first time around we won 325.21 coins. The second, we got 70, and the third one brought us  43.84, which means that your winnings will be all over the place, but you can at least expect to break even.

This is just three tests we ran ourselves, but this doesn’t mean it would work the same for you. Yet, we think this is a good overall strategy. If you turn a 200 + points profit, this could easily translate into some cashable money quickly and easily.

Don’t Skip the Freebies

You may be eager to play the best new slots online first, but bonuses usually don’t apply to the latest release. Casinos are little familiar with what these new games would offer, and giving you a bonus for a title such as Dragon Shard may give players too big of an advantage.

Still, you will find a bunch of time-tested games that you can get your hands on from the get-go.  Free spins or free play bonus will usually apply to Starburst, Immortal Romance, Avalon or some other familiar and established title. After clearing the bonus condition, you can quickly spend the money on a game you know pays out generously. Why not give yourself a small financial leg-up first, though?

A Few Quick Final Thoughts

Professional gamblers such as ourselves can always help you to identify the best and worthiest titles out there. Looking to land a big win or to identify some inherent patterns in a game such as the average frequency of free spin levels? We have all you will ever need to find your way to the best new slots online titles in the industry today!