6 Activities that Punters Love to Gamble On

6 Alternative Activities Punters Love to Gamble On

If you’ve already tried all the new slots that came out and want to roam a little bit outside of your comfort zone, here are 6 alternative activities that are popular to gamble on which may give you the same level of satisfaction if you win.

It turns out there are quite a few viable alternatives the more we dug into the research behind this article. They might be a little out of your comfort zone at first blush, but rest assured – there are some excellent betting opportunities to benefit from all the same.

We will list several viable alternative activities you didn’t even suspect existed!

Alternative Activities to Gamble On

1. Horse Racing

Horse Racing - Slots and Tables

Ok, so we’re going to start off with something a little more familiar to you. One of the reasons is that you have a whole lot more control than simply a pure punt like most casino games. Horse racing is a sport which takes place all over the world, which means almost every single day of the year there are live races and therefore opportunities to bet. Granted, watching live horse racing isn’t a fast paced betting frenzy like some of the latest slot machines you can play today but the extra time you have means you can read into the horse and jockey and make a more informed punt.

2. Sim and Virtual Sports

Next on the list we have simulated races and sports. Now, you are probably asking yourself – is that even a real thing? Not quite, but the realism of it truly makes you hooked. Most NASCAR fans, for example, agree that eNASCAR in the United States is almost just as good as the real thing, and they do place the occasional wager – why wouldn’t they after all? But better yet, you have competitions such as The Kentucky Derby and the Grand National that have been brought to a virtual simulation with the help of Inspired Entertainment. Now, you might object – virtual simulation is not quite the same as the real thing and you will be mostly correct in your surmise. But hey, here’s the kicker – Inspired Entertainment, which crafts most of those V-sports, are very good at calling the actual outcomes of real races, so why not trust their simulations?

3. Politics

There are all sorts of wacky political bets you can place these days and yes – they mostly have to do with the U.S. President Donald Trump. He must have been the first President of the U.S. to be featured in all sorts of wagers. Bookies were asking punters to get whether Trump would be booed at the Super Bowl or whether he would Tweet about the death of the late Kim Jong-un. The man is so controversial these days that he hogs the entire spectrum of political betting, no questions asked. 

4. TV Entertainment  

From Game of Thrones to Tiger King, there’s a lot of entertainment and TV shows you can bet on. You can even bet on the Super Bowl’s singers and artists attending. Will Donald Trump pardon the Tiger King? Who is going to die next in GoT? Those are the sorts of bets you can expect. Of course, it’s a little late for Game of Thrones now as we know everything that happens in the show, but you don’t have to worry – there is more great cinema on the way you can bet on! 

5. Esports

ESports - Slots and Tables

You may have never suspected just how popular electronic sports can be. Well, as it turns out there are millions of people watching and many tune in at the same time! Electronic sports or esports for short have one of the strongest pulls among young demographics, so you can find yourself betting against youngsters as old as 21. The games take some studying though. You can’t just assume that you know it all, as electronic sports are complex and just like you would need to spend a whole lot of time analysing Major League Baseball (MLB), you would need just as much time going through the motions with esports in order to understand what you are betting on.

6. UFC, NBA, NFL Sims

There are more computer games beyond “esports” and “sim races” you can bet on. Well, they are a bit of both to be perfectly clear, but for a long while now, the UFC, NBA and NFL have had video games that are often bet on. Even though they borrow names of teams and players, you have to realise that it’s players – usually youngsters – playing those games, and your knowledge of a certain sport won’t necessarily translate into direct wins because you know how well a team performs in the NBA season. No, instead, you need to focus on the NBA 2K season and see what you can do to pinpoint the outcomes there. It’s weird, we know, but it definitely offers a valid alternative to sports betting.