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3D Slots

3D Slots

Recently, online slots have been becoming increasingly elusive to define. How do you tell the one from the other when the lines have been blurred? Well, in the case of 3D slots, the distinction is pretty easy to spot. There is nothing quite as accomplished as 3D slots when it comes to animations, overall visuals and the quality of the sound.

3D Slots - Slots and Tables

3D slots don’t necessarily feature 3D graphic though. It’s a moniker used to describe online slots that offer a visual and memorable experience.  These games feature eye-popping rewards and put the comfort of the player above all else. Optimised for a large crowd, you will have no trouble running any such game from multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

3D Slot Themes

There is a limitless choice when it comes to the main plotlines in today’s 3D iGaming. You can play a game inspired by a movie or another that draws its inspiration from pop culture, The Orient, mythology, fairy tales, songs and much more.

Compared to regular slots, the 3D games beat them in terms of visualisation and audio settings, and often total payouts you can get out of a great modern-looking 3D title.

The graphics are crisp and the gameplay is smooth. If you are looking for multifarious plot lines, great individualisation options all brought in a brilliant visual-and-audio-wrapping, 3D slots might be just what you need.

Gameplay Features

The best slots online have great gameplay, but 3D slots punch up the experience up to a more exciting degree. There are multiple stacked symbols, clusters, and other features, such as scatters, expanding wilds and others.

3D slots offer highly-curated gameplay that will often lead to additional payouts and winnings with minimal financial involvement on your part. There are often free spins that can range from 10 to 25. There’s even a feature that allows you to pick your own bonus.

For instance, when playing the Age of Gods slot, you have to open the bonus while avoiding the bonus symbols at first. Second-screen games are the norm these days and if you are looking for a great example of one, we recommend checking out NetEnt’s Jumanji. There are brilliant 3D features throughout the entire gameplay.

Ultimately, 3D slots provide gamers with an unparallel comfort when it comes to the actual gameplay and you should definitely look up these games. To start you off, we can recommend several titles that provide abundant 3D elements, decent payouts and an awesome setting.

3D Animation

There’s been some disambiguation about the nature of 3D slots. While some people have called them 3D, others, including their creators, have stuck to the “video slot” definition. Well, there are a few aspects of the 3D slot experience that sets it apart from all other.

For starters, there are story-defining intros. Some are goofy, others are helpful, and they are all colourful and very amusing to watch. Another cool aspect of the 3D slots is that their navigation is often “3D” as opposed to a static 2D wallpaper.

3D Slots

Forget Flash, It’s All HTML5 Now

Not a single 3D slot will be based on Flash these days. Perhaps some of the older versions will run on it, but as of 2019, all games that come out are only developed in HTML5 to ensure better accessibility or users across multiple operating systems. Security is also considerably better when playing on HTML5.

Popular 3D Slots

We couldn’t possibly stress how fun 3D slots are – that’s why we have decided to show you. Today we take a very brief look at Jungle Jim, EggOMatic and Turning Totems. All three games perfectly capture what we mean when we say a 3D slot.

Jungle Jim El Dorado

Join Jungle Jim in exploring El Dorado, the lost golden city promising limitless riches to those who find its long-forgotten location. The game is played in the company of Jungle Jim himself against the eerie South American jungles with the rain dropping in real-time against the background.

3D Slots

Jungle Jim may seem a little bored with the experience, but just wait until you catch a glimpse of El Dorado itself.


EggoMatic is loads of fun. The game comes with a whimsical intro that follows a war-ready cockerel who’s busy in his laboratory trying to produce an unknown outcome out of his tinkering with various egg-shaped devices. From what we can tell, the production of eggs should go up and that’s what the hero tries.

We like this particular slot because it demonstrates how certain elements, in this case the navigation, have been cast against a 2D background to make the experience more immersive.3D Slots 3

Turning Totems

Turning Totems by Thunderkick completely changes the iGaming experience. As the name suggests, there will be spinning of a different kind. In the game, you can see five Native American totems which will spin from the left to the right.

3D Slots 5

The little mascot on the hand-left side will dance and cheer for every small and big win you amass. Besides the purely visual improvements, Turning Totems allow your reels to win both ways at the same time, which will double your profits per single spin.

In other words, 3D totems are not just about great looks – they also want to add something extra you can benefit from. There are free spins and other wild features to benefit from all throughout the gameplay. Turning Totems is just a great example of how far the traditional iGaming experience can be pushed for the ultimate benefit of the customer.

3D Slots 4

A Final Thought on 3D Slots

The world of iGaming has changed significantly since the first games arrived back in 1994. Today, we have an overlay of 2D and 3D elements that create an immersive and highly-engaging experience for all sorts of gamers. With the advancement of 3D slots, these days casino lovers can, in fact, find a type of gaming experience that is more akin to traditional gaming.

The highly-rewarding and visually-optimized titles promise one thing foremost – to help you win big while offering you various entertaining scenarios. As the different studios continue to vie for the most innovative product title, you can expect even better versions of the familiar games and entirely unexpected ones arriving.